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Is the week almost over already? Wow, time flies when you’re havin’ fun, huh? I hope you are all enjoying Wait for Morning! I know I’m enjoying all of your feedback!!
WFM Excerpt:

With the room cast in shadows and the light once again moving through the bathroom window, Trace inched toward the front door as he started the Escalade using the remote start button on his key fob, keeping Marissa close to him. Silently turning the knob, he pulled on the door and pushed it open with his foot, keeping them safely on the inside and out of the open.
Trace was tempted to laugh at the absurdity of it all, but he fought the urge as he peered around the doorjamb, checking left and then right before reaching for Marissa’s hand and pulling her with him. They didn’t bother closing the door as they eliminated the few feet between the motel room and the Escalade’s driver’s-side door.
With his eyes scanning their surroundings, he lifted the handle, pulled it open, and then urged Marissa inside, similar to the way he’d done back at the safe house. She scrambled into the driver’s seat without question, then launched herself over the center console as she tossed the duffel into the back. He jumped in behind her.
And that’s when things went to shit.
The front passenger door flew open, and a big guy who resembled the Michelin man with his bulky white coat grabbed for Marissa. Thankfully, the guy hadn’t taken her completely by surprise, earning himself a sharp kick to the solar plexus before he stumbled back a few feet. Marissa’s scream rent the otherwise silent air when the bastard reached for her again, this time jerking her from the Escalade.
Well, fuck. This wasn’t in the plan.

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