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Teaser Tuesday… I just couldn’t decide

Happy Tuesday!! 

I haven’t been on the Internet much lately and that’s probably not a bad thing. Between all the hockey and the home improvement projects Colt is taking care of, we’ve got a lot going on in the Edwards house. Not to mention, all of the writing…

So, I thought I’d do a Teaser Tuesday and I thought I’d do it a little differently. I’ve explained before that I often have several WIPs going at one time. Now, I don’t generally work on two books in a day; however, I have been known to switch mid-week, depending on what characters are chatting it up with me. You might not believe this, but at the moment, I have 218,534 words written for several different books, many of which have been pushed to the back burner for the time being. So, I figured I’d give you a little teaser from a few of them. Then, you can post in the comments below which one you’re looking forward to most. How does that sound?

Okay… here goes. Keep in mind, these are unedited excerpts and they may or may not be included in the final book. Oh, and before I forget, most of the these are not safe for work, so read at your own risk. 🙂

Here’s a little teaser from Speechless. I’m right at 50k words on this book and it is currently my main focus. I’m hoping to be finished in the next 10 days. 🙂

Taking a seat at his desk, Hudson moved the chair back enough so that Teague could stand between him and the desk. He motioned for him to come over while he kept his eyes locked on the kid. He got the feeling Teague was a little nervous, which belied everything Hudson knew about him. Then again, in recent days, he’d seen a different side of Teague, one he obviously didn’t show most of the world.
Before Teague could hop up on the desk, Hudson reached for him, gripping the back of his thighs and pulling him toward him. Once Teague straddled his lap, Hudson cupped his face and pulled him closer. He allowed their breaths to pass between them for only an instant before he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss Teague anymore. The soft moan that escaped the kid’s mouth made his dick jerk to attention. While he held Teague in place, Hudson feasted on him, making sure he showed him just how much he wanted him, how much he wanted this.
Although he could’ve easily made this about the blow job and nothing else, Hudson wanted more. A little bit of connection, something to show Teague that there was more to life than quick, casual encounters. Now, he wasn’t looking for too much, but a little kissing, some heavy petting… there was nothing wrong with that.
Long minutes passed before Hudson worked his hand into Teague’s shorts, fisting Teague’s cock in one hand while he cupped the back of Teague’s head with his other hand. This was the first time he’d actually touched Teague intimately and he savored the moment, memorizing the heft and weight, the silkiness of his shaft against his palm. The guy was so damned sexy, so eager… it was hard to maintain his control, but he managed. He didn’t want Teague pulling away just yet, so Hudson stroked him in rhythm with their tongues, enjoying the grunts and groans and erratic thrusts of Teague’s hips.
Knowing he had to maintain control, he urged Teague to his feet, then helped him out of his shorts while Teague pulled off his shirt. Ahh, yes. Just as impressive as he’d imagined. For a moment, Hudson took the time to admire the beautiful, naked man standing before him. His skin was smooth and sun-kissed, not a single thing marring it. No tattoos, no piercings, nothing that would reinforce some of that rebellious nature.

In a word, Teague was perfect and Hudson wanted to spend hours learning every contour with his tongue, but he knew this wasn’t the time or the place for that.

If you haven’t read Reckless or Fearless yet, I highly suggest that you do. 

Okay, now for my untitled hockey WIP. I haven’t yet decided which direction this book is going. I’m at 76k words right now and I’m up in the air on how this one will play out, so we’ll have to wait and see.

As much as I would’ve liked laying Ellie out on the bar, I’m not about to risk someone looking in the window and seeing her. As far as I’m concerned, her body—at least for now—is only for my viewing pleasure.
Sliding my hands beneath her ass, I lift her off the bar, her legs still wrapped around me as I carry her to her office.
“My desk is kinda messy,” she whispers.
“No worries. It’ll only be uncomfortable for a little while. Ten minutes, tops,” I tell her.
“Way to woo a girl, Rush. Telling her you’ll be done in ten minutes,” she says with a chuckle.
“I didn’t say I would be done,” I clarify. “But I fully intend to make you come with my mouth in under ten minutes.”
Her sharp inhale makes my dick throb.
But that really is my plan. And then I intend to take her back to my place so I can spend the rest of the night making her come again and again.
Once in her office, I set her on the edge of her desk, then force her backward when I lean over her, fusing my mouth with hers. My hands return to her fantastic tits, kneading them gently as I eat at her mouth. My dick is rock fucking hard and no doubt I will have an indention from my zipper by the time we are finished, but this is about Ellie.
While I kiss her, I let my hands trail down her stomach to the button on her jeans. It isn’t long before I have worked them open and managed to pull them down to her thighs. She is bucking beneath me, attempting to get closer, which only makes my dick more eager.
“Not yet, little girl,” I whisper as I stand up and stare down at her.
Ellie truly is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. Even laid out on her desk, her shirt gone, bra open, jeans around her thighs… fuck, she makes me ache.
Sliding my hands up the inside of her thighs, I watch her as she writhes on the desk.
“Fuck, I need to taste you,” I tell her, my gaze drifting down to the barely-there red panties she is wearing.
I have to admit, I really like her choice in lingerie. I doubt I’ll ever be able to look at her again and not think about what she might possibly be hiding beneath her clothes.
Because I’m eager to get her back to my place, I set out to pleasure her, leaning over and pressing my lips to the soft, smooth skin beneath her navel. Leaving her panties in place, I graze them with my chin, then hook my finger along the elastic and shift them to the side.
Her pretty pink lips glisten in the overhead light. “You’re wet for me.”
Ellie nods, though she probably figures it isn’t a question.

Again, I love how eager she is, how she doesn’t mind begging for what she wants.

I can tell you that this spins off from A Million Tiny Pieces (if you recall, Phoenix Pierce owns a hockey team). So, if you haven’t yet read this sexy menage, what are you waiting for? 

All right, how about a little bit from Distraction. I’ve been working on this for quite some time now (years, actually) and I’m a little over 41k words in. I’m still not content with the way this story is flowing, but I’ll let you take a peek for yourself. 

“I need you,” he whispered against her mouth, his breath fanning her face. “Need. You.”
She didn’t respond. There was nothing to say. She recognized that need, that overwhelming desperation to do something that would make her feel whole again. At least for a little while.
Tugging at his T-shirt, she helped him to remove it before he worked on pushing her leggings down, her panties disappearing with them until she was standing naked between his solid body and the wall. Her fingers fumbled with the button on his jeans until she finally managed to release it, her lips grazing the hard planes of his smooth, bare chest, while he dug something out of his pocket.
The distinctive rustle of foil barely registered and she watched as he tore open the condom, forced his jeans and underwear down past his hips, then sheathed his long, thick cock. It wasn’t until he was lifting her off her feet so that she was practically wrapped around him that she realized this was really happening.
Her breath lodged in her throat when he pressed the head of his cock against her entrance only seconds before filling her completely in one desperate thrust of his hips.
“Dylan,” she cried out breathlessly, her fingers latching into his silky hair. Pain, sharp and bright, had her holding her breath. It’d been so long; her body took a moment to adjust to the thick intrusion. Then, just as quickly as it’d come, the discomfort disappeared, leaving nothing but glorious pleasure as he slid deeper. “Yes.”
Dylan pushed into her, her body stretching to allow the invasion.
“You’re so fucking tight,” he groaned, his voice rough. “Warm … wet … You feel so fucking good.”
Finding his mouth with hers again, Sara kissed him, wanting to get lost. No thought, no justification. No regret or remorse. No fear of what would happen after. Only the intense, overwhelming ecstasy of him filling her, his rough hands gripping her thighs as he held her against the wall, his hips thrusting forward and the glorious friction that ignited dormant nerve endings.
He impaled her, a slow, sensual grind at first. Then faster, harder, deeper. His hips driving forward, retreating, forward again. It wasn’t sweet, it wasn’t romantic, but she didn’t care. They were seeking release, both of them, and she knew there was no turning back now.
He never let up, fucking her wildly, the desperation that outwardly consumed them both nearly palpable in the still, warm air that surrounded them. Her body clenched around him, tightening, pulling him in and she knew she wasn’t going to last. Self-induced orgasms didn’t hold a candle to this.
“Dylan,” she panted. “Oh, please, yes. Don’t stop.”
Holding onto him, she sought his tongue with her own, her fingernails digging into his scalp as her body hummed with satisfaction. The waves of her release built, driving her higher until she was hovering on a razor sharp edge, eager to go over.
“Dylan … I’m … gonna …” She couldn’t complete the sentence before a firestorm of sensation consumed her, starting in her core and rippling outward in a ferocious rush as her orgasm crashed through her.
Dylan’s hips never stopped, his hands gripping her ass tightly as he continued to hold her, his fingertips digging into her flesh until …
He slammed into her one last time, his cock pulsing with his release, an animalistic roar vibrating from him. “Fuck. So good. So fucking good.”
And then the muscles in his body went rigid and it was over.
He held her close, breathing hard, his eyes tightly shut, chest heaving, his body trembling as he leaned into her. When Dylan dipped his face into the crook of her neck, she cupped the back of his head, holding him and pressing kisses against his cheek.
And that was when she realized … Dylan was crying.

Her heart broke for him. For herself. For lost love and shattered hearts. For that empty spot deep inside that felt as though it would only continue to be a dull, aching void without that one person who’d given you something to live for. Without them… it was just unbearable.

Some of you might recognize Dylan from Seduction (he is Ashleigh’s brother), but he can also be seen in other Club Destiny books.

And last but not least, how about a little snippet from the Coyote Ridge Series. I started working on Jared’s story before I wrote Curtis. Now that Curtis is finished, it seems as though this one is going to run wild. I’m excited to get back to it. At the moment, I’m roughly 10k words in. 

Jared spent a couple of hours dealing with paperwork he’d been putting off. Once that was done, he opted to head over to the mechanic shop to check on Ethan and Beau. When he got there, he found them arguing about an engine they were working on.
It wasn’t at all surprising to find the two of them having a heated discussion. Considering they were married and working together, Jared figured it was a wonder they were both walking without a limp. That much time spent with one person was more than should be allowed.
But who was Jared to interfere. The two men ran the shop like a well-oiled machine and rarely did they need him for anything. That in itself was a plus.
Clearing his throat, he waited until they turned to look at him, then he offered a smile. “Who’s winning?”
Ethan frowned and Beau grinned.
That was an easy answer.
“Y’all good?”
“Never better,” Ethan grumbled. “What’s up?”
“Nothin’. Just stoppin’ in.”
“Coffee?” Beau offered, wiping his hands on a rag and moving toward Jared.
“So, really,” Ethan said, turning to face Jared after setting a wrench on one of the many tool boxes lining the wall, “what brings you by?”
It was true, Jared didn’t have to check on Ethan or Beau, but from time to time, he made a point to stop by anyway. They handled the maintenance and repair on all of the heavy equipment and vehicles for Walker Demo and their shop was probably the smoothest running of the entire business. Jared didn’t need to micromanage, but he still liked to make sure they knew he was there if they needed him.
“Do you know what Travis expects for this family reunion?” he blurted, figuring he might as well get right down to it.
Ethan smirked. “He task you with that?”
Jared nodded, then mumbled a thanks when Beau passed over a cup of coffee.
“Lucky you,” Beau said facetiously. “He tried to pin it on us, but we refused.”
Yeah, well… Jared figured he’d get to the point he regretted that he hadn’t, but for now, it gave him something to focus on. Not to mention, he couldn’t get that voice out of his head. Just the few minutes he’d spent on the phone with Hope Lambert, he’d been captivated by that sweet drawl.
Not that he intended to do anything about that.
The last fucking thing he needed in his life was a woman. He’d learned his lesson after the last one. His ex-wife had done a number on him. Not only had she been running around on him, she’d also broken the news to him that his son was not his son. Divorcing Sable had been easy, but losing Derrick… that short period of time he’d had to be without the little boy had damn near killed him. And after having to deal with Sable’s shit for months, Jared didn’t want anything to do with women or the shit storm they brought with them.
Shaking off the thought, he looked between the two men. “You know anything about Dead Heat Ranch?”
Ethan glanced at Beau, then shrugged. “Just what I heard from Cheyenne.”
“It’s a dude ranch, right?” Beau questioned.
“That’s the rumor,” Jared confirmed. “Chey mentioned Travis wants to stay for a week.”
“A week?” Ethan looked as though that was the most ludicrous thing he’d ever heard.
“Sounds reasonable,” Beau chimed in.
Ethan and Jared turned to glare at him.
“What?” Beau tossed his hands up. “A week on a ranch. Horses. No work. Man, seriously.”

             Okay, so when Beau put it that way, it didn’t sound terrible. 

If you haven’t read Curtis yet, do so. Soon. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Oh, and I highly suggest you read the Alluring Indulgence series and get caught up with all of the Walker brothers. You’ll get to see a lot more of the Walker family and who will likely be making an appearance in the Coyote Ridge series.

Now, if you’d like, tell me which one you’re excited about most. I’ll keep working as I always do, but it’ll be interesting to see which one you’re most interested in reading about.

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  1. Oh man, I could never pick just one!! I will read all of them anyways! I am loving the inside look at all that you're working on!!! I'm a huge hockey fan, so I'm excited about the new hockey book!! But also Teague and Hudson!!! I can't wait to read them all!!!

  2. Whichever book speaks to you Nicole. I love the sound of all of them. Particularly Speechless or Jared's story.- Maimeo's Angels

  3. All of them!!! Wow. I can't wait for these!!! Speechless cause Hudson intrigues me!! I am just happy to see all of them!!! this is so exciting!!!!

  4. Ohhh, this is a tough one! I'm torn between Speechless and Jared. I might be leaning more toward Jared simply bc I'd love to have more of the Lambert sisters too.

  5. I've been excited for Hudson's book since I first met him in Reckless! However, my heart belongs to the Coyote Ridge Series. I'm so excited! I'm going to read them all anyway but I'm excited none the less. 🙂

  6. I'm going to be the odd man out, as usual, and say I'm ready for more Dylan and Sara.
    I know you're not in the right frame of mind for him to overcome his demons, achieve sobriety, and become a recovering alcoholic. Or… Or maybe writing those successes will help you?
    I miss the Club Destiny people, but never at the expense of your well-being.
    My second favorite? Ellie and Kingston. Odd coincidence on the name Kingston, but that's a you and me conversation. 😉 All I know is that scene was hot, I love hockey books, and "A Million Tiny Pieces" is one of my favorites, so let's revisit them!
    Bring on Coyote Ridge, and *any* of its inhabitants, any time! Love those characters, that world you've created for us, and I'm happy any time you say "A Walker jumped into a book…"
    I'm new to the Pier 70 fellas. Just diving in, but (as if it could possibly be otherwise), so far, so awesome!
    I say you stick with Formula Nicole. You haven't gone wrong, *except* when you let someone dictate your deadlines. You do YOU, and we'll be here waiting for our seriously HOT next Nicole book. 😉 <3

  7. Can't wait for all of them… but I have been on a m/m kick and loved Reckless… haven't got to Fearless yet but can't wait til I can buy it and get stuck in… so I know I'll be eager for Speechless 😀

  8. I want to read them all. I really can't decide which one I would want to read first because I want to read them all very soon! Lol love your books!!

  9. I want to read them all. I really can't decide which one I would want to read first because I want to read them all very soon! Lol love your books!!

  10. Im really excited about reading them all. Since Speechless is practically finished its a close call between Distraction and Jared.

  11. Jared's story! I can't wait to see how it all plays out at the ranch. Plus, I miss all your character's from the ranch This is going to be a great storyline to give us a glimpse at them, as well as, the delectable Walker brothers. On pins and needles hoping it's written before the year is out.

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