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The Season: RUSH
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I can’t believe the day is finally here. You get to meet Kingston Rush – a man I’ve been infatuated with for about nine months. Let me preface this by saying that this book is a spin-off from my standalone A Million Tiny Pieces. You do NOT have to read AMTP in order to read this book. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t because you get to meet Phoenix Pierce in all of his sexy glory in AMTP.
Because I write a variety of things (m/f, m/m, menage), I thought you might want to know that this is a M/F hockey romance. 
I have been working on this book for what feels like forever. I knew exactly what the story was, how it would even play out, but there were so many variables that I couldn’t seem to get it straight. 

First of all, I knew the story would be long. It came in at 136k words. That’s my second longest book to date (the first being TRAVIS). I also knew that you wouldn’t want a cliffhanger, so it had to be done in ONE book. 
Second, I didn’t know how I wanted to write the story. It started out in 3rd person, but something felt off to me. I seemed to be channeling Ellie and telling the story in 3rd person wasn’t working. So, I tried 1st person. That worked. But then I got scared because it was out of my comfort zone, and I rewrote what I already had in 3rd, only to reverse it one more time. I tried past tense, but that felt off to me, so I went with present tense. (See a theme? No wonder it took me so long.)
Also, I didn’t want this to be a series. Not at first. The problem was, I had two very compelling hockey players that I wanted to write about. When I started out, I had multiple POVs and that got really convoluted. So, after seeking some advice from one of my betas, I stripped out the other POVs and stuck with my main characters. I keep telling myself that there will only be one more book, but you know me. It’s possible there will be more.
On top of that, you’ll get to meet Ellie’s daughter, Bianca. She’s a 12-year-old girl with quite a bit of emotion bottled up inside her. Getting into the head of a 12-year-old isn’t easy, let me tell you. I have not been 12 in a very, very, very long time. The good thing is, my youngest son is 13, so I had a little inspiration in how to deal with it.
And now it seems the day has come. I’m so excited about this book. The feedback I’ve received has blown me away. People are loving this book and that’s the most incredible feeling in the world. No matter how nervous I get, how terrified I am that people will hate it, I still move forward. Now, I have set RUSH free into the world and I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.
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