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#TeaserTuesday – Bad Boys of Sports

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Teaser Tuesday post, but I thought I’d give you something from my upcoming book Bad Reputation – the first in my Bad Boys of Sports series. Just so you know, this is a thematic series, which means each book is a full-length standalone. You’re gonna love this one. Seriously.

Bad Boys of Sports, 1
Release Date: October 3, 2017

Chase: With a nickname like “Sin,” it’s no wonder they call me the bad boy of hockey. Opponents curse me. Fans scream my name—in the arena and in other, much more private places. Penalties or not, I’m not afraid to dish out a little pain. But pleasure? That’s my weakness. And no one knows it better than my best friend, Cassie Desrosiers. I’d have to be blind not to notice her rocking body and teasing grin. So when she invites me along on a trip to Vegas, my curiosity isn’t the only thing that’s aroused.
Cassie: Chase Barrett is a world-class A-hole. As his best friend, I’m allowed to call him on his BS. Who else is going to do it? Certainly not the puck bunnies swooning at every flex of his biceps. Everyone knows that Chase is the love-’em-and-leave-’em type. There’s no such thing as commitment for the king of casual hookups. So why should I care? Maybe because all work and no play makes me a sexually frustrated girl. It’s time to put the hockey stud at my beck and call to good use . . . but after a week in Vegas with Chase, I might never want to go back to the real world.

**Unedited excerpt – Subject to change and/or removal prior to publication.

“How’d you meet this one?” Chase shifts slightly, getting more comfortable as he sips his beer. 
Before I can stop him, he props his giant feet up on my coffee table.
I instantly reach over and try to knock his legs down. The guy has thighs like tree trunks, so that’s an impossible feat. “Feet on the floor, caveman.” He doesn’t budge, of course. I take a drink, then close my eyes. “He’s a software developer.”
“So he works with you?”
“Not with me, no.”
“That doesn’t tell me how you met him. Was he giving you a hands-on lesson in how to turn software into hardware?”
I smack him again. “You’re despicable. That’s gross.”
Chase plants his hand over mine, keeping me from hitting him again. I feel his abs flex beneath my palm.
“He’s gonna be at the conference in June, so he wanted to stop by and talk to me about opportunities. We’re finalizing the details.”
“Opportunities to get in your pants,” Chase mumbles, his voice ringing with amusement.
“This thing in Vegas?”
“And what? He thought if he could sweet talk your panties off, he could go as your sidekick?”
I snort. Some of the things Chase says . . . “No. There was no sweet-talking involved.”
Chase grips my wrist and I peer up at him. His iridescent blue eyes are wide with mock horror. “You were giving it up for free? Have I not taught you anything, child?”
Considering I’m a year older than Chase, he gets a kick out of calling me that.
But, he’s right. I don’t think I held out long enough. And honestly, Chase has been trying to school me in the art of casual hookups. I mean, he is the king after all.
It’s no secret that Chase Barrett is a total manwhore. The only thing that makes it semi-okay is that he treats women like royalty. Not kidding. Any woman who has done the deed with him has moved on with her life feeling like a princess. Not a single woman in his sordid past has ever said anything bad about him. He’s the love-’em-and-leave-’em type, yet every single one would probably give him another go if he simply snapped his fingers. I don’t know how he does it either.
If rumors are true—which I cannot verify, nor do I have any desire to—then it’s quite possibly due to how well endowed the man is. Chase has since stopped bragging about the size of his penis—having grown out of the adolescent phase of his life finally—but I’ve heard it plenty of times over the years. Not only from him either. Which is weird, but whatever.
Perhaps it’s his boyish good looks with his strategically mussed dark hair and contrasting glowing blue eyes. It could be the hard angles of his face or the small scars and slightly crooked nose that add the whole bad-boy vibe. Or maybe it’s the sensuous curve of his lip when he’s amused. The fact that he’s a well-known hockey player who makes several million dollars a year, with a body worthy of a hockey-hottie calendar, probably doesn’t hurt either. I honestly don’t know.
“So, are you going to hit him up for another round? Try the horizontal mambo again?”
“No.” That’s the truth.
It’s safe to say I won’t be seeing Andrew again. Even if I could get past the fact that he tried to lick all my makeup off, I can’t do it. I shouldn’t have brought him back here tonight.

“I think you should thank me for saving your ass. Imagine how you would’ve felt in the morning.”
You know you want to read this! LOL Well, it’s available for preorder, so go get it now and be ready for the smoking hot hockey hottie that’ll hit your e-reader on October 3rd!
Bad Boys of Sports, 1
Release Date: October 3, 2017

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