Writer’s block kinda sucks…

Okay, so that’s an understatement. It really sucks.

Honestly, it doesn’t happen to me often. And the rare times it does, I can usually shift my focus to something else and I can move through it.

Not this time.

I haven’t written anything in four weeks. That’s an eternity for me. I’ve tried everything. Music. Reading. Movies. Television. Anything and everything in an attempt to spark my imagination.

Unfortunately, there’s a huge black curtain between me and my creativity. It’s hiding all of my past and future characters from me. They’ve completely disappeared!

Not even Brantley Gilbert can help me now, and trust me, I’ve got him on repeat. (It’s no secret that I love that man)

But, I’m holding out hope. Eventually something will be there. Right?

I seriously hope so.

Until then…

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  1. I love Brantley Gilbert tooo

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