Queen of…

My husband will tell you—Wait. And my kids. ​Yes, my husband and​ my kids (because they all like to give me shit) will tell you that I might have a small obsession with rearranging things. And by things, I’m talking about furniture. And sometimes it’s not just the furniture I rearrange, but the room. The whole room. And the furniture.  *Sigh* Fine. I have […]

Sneak Peek of Owned

Enjoy a sneak peek of Owned (Office Intrigue, 8) Warning: this is ​​Not Safe For Work TALON ​I could’ve feasted on Braelyn all damn day. Her taste was quickly becoming an addiction, and her responses… I loved that she didn’t hold back, her soft moans echoing in the space. “Talon…” “Hmm?” I peered up the length of her body. […]