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​I could’ve feasted on Braelyn all damn day. Her taste was quickly becoming an addiction, and her responses… I loved that she didn’t hold back, her soft moans echoing in the space.


“Hmm?” I peered up the length of her body.

“I want to taste you.”

My cock thickened and pulsed, the thought of her mouth on me one I’d had more times than I could count. I’d yet to indulge in that with her, refusing to be selfish in that regard because I’d been selfish by the way I fucked her. When it came to fucking her, something always snapped inside me, driving me to drill her hard and rough, to relish the feel of her body enveloping me. It was the most exquisite sensation I’d ever felt, yet I always wanted more. Figured that would be the case for as long as she was mine.

I hesitated, not exactly eager to give up my feast, but ultimately giving in to the urge to feel her lips wrapped around me. If it was what she wanted, who was I to deny her?

I joined her once again, crawling over her, finding her mouth with mine. The kiss was hot, but it didn’t last before Braelyn was taking control, urging me onto my back as she straddled my thighs. Like this, it would’ve been easy to pull her forward and slide deep inside her warm, wet pussy. Just the thought had my cock twitching.

But this was her show now, so I got comfortable while she shifted down, kneeling between my legs. Her eyes slid over me, hot and sweet at the same time. She made me want things I’d never wanted before.

“Suck me, baby,” I urged, eager to feel her lips wrapped around me.

I observed as her fingers curled around my cock, the stroke feather-soft and fleeting. But then she leaned forward, her lips parting as she took me into the heaven of her mouth. Unlike my possessions, she was hesitant. They knew what I wanted while she seemed eager to explore, to learn how to please me.

I let the long strands of her silky hair curl around my fingers as it curtained her face, the ends teasing my hips and thighs. I admired the way my cock disappeared into her mouth, her lips stretched wide around me. I never attempted to take control, content to let her do as she wished. It continued for several minutes, her sweet mouth bringing me closer and closer to release.

When she suddenly stopped, I met her eyes.

“I want to do something,” she said softly, almost shyly.

I nodded. She could do anything she wanted to me.

Her eyes held mine for another brief moment before she looked up. “Taurus, join us, please.”

Because he’d never taken an order from another, I had to nod to give him permission, but then he was there at her side, kneeling.

Braelyn wrapped her fist around the base of my cock, holding it firmly, her voice soft when she said, “I want to watch you suck him.”

This time Taurus didn’t need permission, and I was glad he understood the dynamic here without me having to explain. It was clear Braelyn wasn’t looking to be the dominant lover here and I appreciated that. Especially when it came to my possessions.

Leaning down, Taurus took me in his mouth, dragging a sharp exhale from me. I watched Braelyn as she slid her fingers into Taurus’s hair, cupping the back of his head while her other hand remained on my cock.

She shifted back, her gaze following the movement of Taurus’s head as he bobbed up and down.

“Do you like watching him?” I asked her.

She didn’t hesitate. “Yes.” Her eyes met mine. “I want to join him.”

​“We’re all yours, dirty girl. Do your worst.”

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