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If you’re a Club Destiny fan, you know that Samantha and Logan have a complicated relationship. That relationship took a polyamorous twist when Logan introduced Sam to Elijah in Entrusted. And most recently, they visited a cabin in Colorado (Naughty Holidays 2021) and things changed between the three of them once again.

Because readers voted for more of Sam, Logan, and Elijah, their story continues in the final final book in the Club Destiny series. Read more for a sneak peek of Forevermore

It was weird, Elijah decided.

No matter how hard he tried to keep his thoughts reined in, to not look at Logan and imagine kissing the man again, Elijah couldn’t help himself. Six months was a long time to dwell on that kiss, and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He needed to figure out if this was something they should pursue or if he needed to put it in the past and bury it forever.

However, to do that, Elijah needed a replay. He needed to experience that soul-searing kiss once more before he could come to a final decision.

The question was, did he make the first move or wait for Logan? 

As he sat there, feeling the weight of Logan’s eyes on him, Elijah remembered what happened earlier when Logan had come up behind him in the kitchen. He’d thought for a second Logan was going to touch him, to be the one to make the first move. He could’ve sworn he felt the ghostly caress moving over his bare skin. He could still feel the warmth of Logan’s body behind him, smell the rich scent of his cologne. His reaction to his nearness had been instinctive. He had welcomed the feel of him looming over him, had held his breath in hopes of something more.

Although time had stood still for those precious few seconds, it never came.

Resigning himself to an unsatisfactory end to a relatively pleasant day, Elijah tipped his head back and closed his eyes again. 

“Do you regret that night?” Elijah asked as he relaxed.


There was no hesitance, no uncertainty. Good to know.

“Do you want me to regret it, Eli?”

Elijah didn’t lift his head, didn’t look up. “No. I’d like to know where I stand, that’s all. Do you think about it? That night? That kiss?”

Silence settled heavily over them for a moment, but just when he thought Logan wasn’t going to answer, he heard, “All the damn time.”

That eased some of Elijah’s anxiety over the situation. “Do you think about the kiss? Or about me rubbing your cock while you were fucking Sam?”

He honestly hadn’t meant to speak that aloud, so he wasn’t surprised when Logan didn’t respond. The man had already said he didn’t want to talk about it. Elijah should respect that.

Minutes ticked by while they sat silently, the leaves rustling, the waterfall cascading down from the elevated hot tub. On any given night, the silence would’ve lulled him into a semi-conscious state. Unfortunately, tonight, he was on edge, his body rigid, his cock pulsing as he mentally willed Logan to make the first move. 


The dark rumble of Logan’s voice had Elijah’s eyes snapping open. He hadn’t heard the man move and wasn’t aware of his nearness until he realized he was staring up into Logan’s dark, brooding face as he loomed over him.

“Enough’s enough,” Logan said, his voice rich with seduction and promise.

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