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Elijah Penn 
Handsome. Successful. Single. 
And looking for a polyamorous relationship. 

It has been four years since his wife died, but Elijah knows there will never be another woman to claim his heart, and he isn’t willing to replace her. He isn’t interested in marriage, but he is interested in something with a future. 

Logan and Samantha McCoy 
Attractive. Ambitious. Married. 
And looking for a polyamorous relationship. 

Logan and Samantha spent the last year and a half avoiding a particular desire neither can quite let go of. They aren’t interested in a casual fling with a stranger, so they’ve been holding back. 

Is it possible that the three of them have stumbled upon something that might just be the answer to their desires?

5 stars for Entrusted
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God I loved this story. I fell in love with Sam and Logan in book one of this series. As the series progressed, I could sense that something was changing for Sam and Logan and this book completes the story for them.
Cassandra C.
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I love her books as they are hot and fun and romantic, but I love them with the way Nicole writes threesomes even more!!!!
Elizabeth N.
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I adore these books that the fantastic Nicole Edwards writes. She does a great job of sharing an erotic emotion between lovers. I love that we get to see Sam and Logan find their third.

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✔️ Polyamory

✔️ Marriage

✔️ Wife sharing

✔️ Life after loss

✔️ Domination

✔️ Fetish Club

Sunday evening, at Devotion…

Samantha McCoy was rooted to the floor. 

As she stood outside of one of the occupied glass rooms that acted as a center stage at Devotion, she was focused intently on Mistress Serena and the sexy scene playing out in front of her. 

The scene was relatively familiar to the one she’d witnessed between Xander and Mercedes last week during their first night at Devotion. At least as far as setup went. Similar to the way Xander had structured his scene, Mistress Serena was using a St. Andrew’s cross, a flogger, and sheer determination to command the scantily clad male subs currently occupying the space. 

But that’s about where the similarities ended. 

The biggest difference was that Sam had witnessed more than just domination between Xander and Mercedes. Even from her inexperienced eye, she’d caught on to the fact that there was an inferno of emotion raging between the two of them.

With Mistress Serena, her scenes lacked that emotional connection, although they were a little more intimate when she was playing with one or both of her own subs. As she was now.

No, what Mistress Serena offered to the audience was always about hardcore, erotic exchanges. And the majority of the time, she interacted with the members, taking them on and teaching them through participation just what it meant to submit to a Domme.

Sam hadn’t considered the differences before, but Xander had certainly made her realize the true depth of emotion that could be shared between a Dominant and a submissive. Until she had seen it with her own two eyes, she hadn’t thought anything of it.

Not that it mattered. Based on what she remembered of the scene, Mercedes had enjoyed herself on both occasions. Just like the dark haired man in the glass room facing the audience was. Even strapped to the cross, he seemed to be having just as much fun. As was the blond man bent over in front of him, currently sucking the other man’s cock while Mistress Serena impaled Blondie with a large black dildo. 

Clearly, based on the sensual cries echoing from the room, Mistress Serena was doing something right.

While Sam could only see one man’s face, she could hear the need in both of their combined moans. Whatever they were feeling, it was undeniably gratifying, and it sent a punch of pleasure through Sam. Almost like she was experiencing it vicariously through them. 

“Oh,” Samantha mumbled when the blond man writhed and moaned loudly, his voice echoing through the enclosed room. 

The heat of a body moved up against her and Sam instantly recognized it was Logan. Even if she had been blindfolded, she would’ve been able to tell it was him. As she leaned into him, he banded his arms around her and rested his hands on her stomach. His rigid erection was pressed into her back, proof that he was enjoying the scene as much as she was.

Then again, it was easy to enjoy it when you were the one on the outside looking in. It was somewhat like porn, only significantly better. It was exciting to watch as the provocatively dressed Mistress Serena pleasured both of her subs in a way only she could obviously do.

The woman knew how to play them like a fine tuned instrument. She didn’t hesitate as she continued to land several smacks on the blond’s rosy red ass while she fucked his ass with a thick dildo repeatedly. 

From where Sam stood, she could see the tension in the blond guy’s muscles, the pure pleasure in the dark haired man’s eyes. The restrained man looked as though he were damn close to exploding. Knowing Mistress Serena, she’d refused her subs the pleasure. At least until she gave them permission.

“Enjoying yourself?” Logan asked, his breath warm against her neck.

“It’s entertaining, yes,” she said, turning her head to look up at him. “How about you?”

“I can’t complain.”

Sam turned her attention back to the scene. Logan had been across the room talking to a handsome man she hadn’t recognized while she’d been chatting with Sierra shortly after they arrived. When Luke and Cole came to retrieve their wife, Sam had originally intended to join Logan, but then she’d been distracted by Mistress Serena.

“Who were you talking to?” she asked him now, resting her hands atop his where they were wrapped around her.

“Someone I’d like to introduce you to.”

“Yeah?” Sam was still focused on the scene in front of her. The blond man being fucked ruthlessly was moaning in earnest, obviously dangerously close to orgasm.

“Later though. Right now, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take,” Logan breathed against her ear. “I need to be inside you.”

Sam turned abruptly; no longer interested in what was going on with Mistress Serena and her play toys. They were quite capable of handling themselves. Right now, more than anything, Sam wanted Logan. 

“Where?” she asked, looking away long enough to see what was going on around them.

“I’ve got a room,” he told her, but Sam could see he was about to elaborate. She didn’t say a word. “I’ve reserved a room upstairs that has a swing similar to that one,” he told her, motioning toward the sex swing that had been set up on the main floor. 

Sam had heard rumors that the sex swing had been a huge hit on the club’s first theme night. So much so, they were apparently going to keep it as a nightly attraction for now. 

Sam sucked in a sharp breath as realization dawned, her eyes slamming back to his. 

A swing? Was he serious? 

Excitement had her stomach bottoming out. They were really going to do this. Experiment with BDSM. Just the two of them. She fought the urge to turn back to Mistress Serena’s scene. There was no way it would be like that, would it?

She was suddenly grateful Logan had opted to make tonight private. It was one thing to try something new. It was something entirely different to do it in front of so many inquisitive eyes.

Looking around again, she took stock of what was happening around her. She had been so engrossed in Mistress Serena’s scene that she hadn’t even noticed that there were quite a few more people than when they had arrived a short while ago. 

There was a couple, right at that very moment, getting it on on one of the couches. The woman was leaning over the back of the couch while one man was plowing her from behind. Another man was sitting on the couch, teasing the woman’s breasts and kissing her in the process. No wasting time for those three.

The sight sent a shiver of anticipation through Sam.

Her attention strayed, and she found her gaze transfixed on Luke, Cole and Sierra. More specifically Cole. On his knees, sucking Luke into his mouth while Sierra stood behind him, her hands sliding through his blond hair.

God, that was hot. 

So fucking hot.

Not that she ever wanted another man to touch Logan or vice versa, but to watch Luke and Cole… It was erotic.

Logan must’ve noticed what she was looking at because once again he was talking, leaning in close to her ear. “Is there something else you’d prefer to be doing?”

I want a threesome, she wanted to say, but she didn’t. It was the truth though and the desire was hammered home by the fact that there were quite a few threesomes going on around her right at that moment. 

Like a sign. One that taunted her with something she couldn’t have.

A threesome with her husband and another man was what she wanted and she knew there was no way to deny it at this point. However, tonight was about experimenting with something they hadn’t done before. Something that might possibly take her mind off the threesomes.

Not likely, but whatever.

“No, the swing sounds like fun,” she finally told him. 

She needed to come to terms with the fact that there wouldn’t be a third in their future. Since neither she, nor Logan, was looking for a permanent third, and there was no way to get a man to commit to forever without getting something more than sex out of the deal, she had to accept there would be no positive outcome.

She and Logan wanted two different things when it came to a polyamorous relationship. She knew that.

Logan took her hand and she allowed him to lead her toward the stairs. She followed as he ascended to the second floor and then directed her down the narrow hall that overlooked the main floor. One last glance over to Luke, Cole and Sierra before Sam swallowed hard and accepted her fate. 

A threesome wasn’t in the cards for her.

She did her best to hide her disappointment. 

“Do you want me to make sure no one comes in?” Logan asked as they stepped inside the small room.

Sam stopped in the center of the room, ignoring the bright white walls and the row of matching cabinets on one side, choosing instead to look at the swing hanging from a steel beam overhead.

Ok, now this looked interesting.

All thoughts of threesomes disappearing, Sam’s body reignited at the thought of what Logan was about to do to her.

“No,” she told him without turning back to look at him. The fact that someone could watch them was part of the excitement. 

Logan made his way over to her, pressing his front to her back, his cock still stiff between them. When his hands caressed her shoulders, his fingers sliding beneath the thin straps of her dress, Sam closed her eyes as he easily slid them down her arms. 

Within seconds, Logan had worked the dress down her body, the silk pooling at her feet, while the cool air in the small room immediately tickled her skin.

Ok, so they weren’t going to waste any time. That was completely fine with her. As it was, just Logan’s mere presence made her body burn, her lust coalescing into turbulent, driving need.

Well, his presence and the wild ideas running through her head about what they’d be doing in that swing.

“Damn, baby. Do you know how fucking hot you make me?”

Me?” she asked, putting her hands over his when he cupped her naked breasts, kneading them firmly. “I thought you were turned on by watching Mistress Serena.”

“I was turned on by thinking about fucking you in this swing. Watching your naked body as I drive my cock deep in your pussy. It fucking turns me on, Sam.”

Well, when he put it that way. 

Sam inhaled when he began to tweak her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. Allowing her head to drop back against his chest, she allowed the sensations to consume her.

“Is that what you want, Sam? For me to drive my cock deep in your pussy?”

“Yes,” she moaned as he continued to drive her crazy with just his hands. 

He leaned down, his fingers pinching and pulling her nipples while his warm breath caressed her cheek. “Nice and deep,” he groaned softly. “I’ll slide into your slick heat while you rock in the swing, impaling yourself on my dick.”

Sam moaned. She loved when he talked like that.

“Are you ready for me to strap you in?”

Eyeing the swing, she tried to figure out just how it functioned. Wow. That was one seriously strange looking contraption. From what she could tell, there was a padded strap for her to sit on, one that would support her lower back and then one for her neck. 


There were also what appeared to be ankle and wrist restraints attached, and though Sam couldn’t quite picture exactly how that would work, her body heated nicely at the thought of being completely restrained for Logan.

“I’m ready.” 

“Turn around,” Logan whispered, his hands on her waist.

Sam turned to face him and then Logan took care of the rest. The next thing she knew, she was resting somewhat comfortably – although entirely naked – in the swing.

“Damn,” Logan mumbled beneath his breath. “You look so much better than I even imagined. And trust me; I’ve been hot and bothered just from my imagination. You. Here. So much better. Fuck.” 

Sam watched longingly as Logan unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks, freeing his thick, heavy cock. With unabashed interest, she continued to admire him while he stroked himself slowly, his gaze raking over her from head to foot, lingering at a few places in between.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, her eyes darting up to meet his. Nothing like taunting Logan when he looked at her with so much fire in his eyes. 

She loved watching him lose control and clearly, this was one of those times when he was going to do just that.


“Not a damn thing,” Logan said, answering his sassy wife’s question. 

He honestly wasn’t waiting for anything, unless holding himself in check was a valid reason for him to be stalling.

Logan was doing his best to control himself, but seeing his wife spread out in that swing, all of the images going through his mind of what it would be like to fuck her while she was suspended in mid-air… Yeah, well, needless to say, he wasn’t going to last forever.

His cock was throbbing, his balls aching, and he was ready to feel the silky wet depths of her pussy wrapped around him. Hell, he’d been ready since the moment she stepped out of their bedroom wearing that sexy black dress that he knew she loved.

Moving forward, because frankly he couldn’t take it anymore, Logan made a couple of minor adjustments to the swing, using the levers to hoist Sam up to the right height for him to slide right into her.

Ahh, God. The thought of his cock tunneling into her, her pussy milking him, pulling him in deep while he pounded away at her… 

“Fuck, baby,” he growled. “Stroke my cock,” he told her gruffly as he stepped around to the side, feeling his control slipping a little more with each passing second. “Slow and easy.” 

If she did anything else, he might just go off in her hand. 

While Sam teased him with her soft, smooth fingers along his shaft, Logan took the time to restrain her legs, lifting them up and open so that she wouldn’t have to do any of the work. When he was finished, she was relaxing back on the narrow straps, her legs forming a wide “V,” leaving her open and waiting for him.

Taking over stroking – which didn’t feel nearly as good as when she did it – Logan made his way between her thighs once more. 

Unable to resist, Logan dropped to one knee between Sam’s creamy thighs and drove his tongue deep into her warm, wet heat.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned and he felt the swing rock as she reached for his head, firmly latching onto his hair.

Gripping the straps to keep her in place, Logan teased her with his mouth, alternating between fucking her with his tongue and tormenting her clit. When Sam was begging and pleading, attempting to thrust against his mouth, Logan stood, and without pause, drove his cock inside her.

“Logan!” Sam moaned passionately, her head falling back.

Logan held his breath as the vicelike grip of her cunt hugged his cock, clamping down rigorously as he thrust deeper until he was fully seated inside of her. 

“So, fucking sexy,” he told Sam, smiling down at her while he held tight to the nylon straps suspending her from the ceiling. “I’m going to get one of these for the house.”

Sam smiled up at him, her hips undulating as though she might actually be able to control the swing. Logan held firm, not allowing her to move. 

“You feel so good,” he told her.

“Not as good as you,” she moaned again. “Please, Logan! Fuck me!”

“My pleasure, baby.”

With slow, rhythmic movements, Logan put the swing in motion. As he pushed gradually on the straps, his cock pulled out of her until only the head was inside. And when he pulled her back toward him, using the momentum of the swing, he thrust his hips forward, driving himself into her.

He wasn’t sure how he managed to keep his legs from going out from beneath him, but long minutes passed as he continued to maintain a steady pace, unwilling to go too fast because she felt so fucking good.

Logan was just about to increase the tempo when Sam’s attention moved toward the door. Without looking behind him, Logan felt the presence of another person. When Sam’s eyes darted up toward him and then back to the person, Logan knew exactly who was there. Even if Sam didn’t know who he was.

Natural possessive instincts kicked in, putting Logan on alert. He was all for Elijah Penn watching them, it was part of Logan’s overall plan for the evening; however, because this was their first interaction, he wouldn’t allow Elijah to get too close.

Wanting to pull Sam’s attention back to him, Logan began to increase his tempo, driving into her as he jerked the swing back at him, lodging him deep. “So tight, baby. I want to feel you come on my cock. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes locked with his once more.

Logan could see the interest, the obvious arousal from the added audience, but he refused to let his attention stray. At least for now. 

“Do you want it fast and hard? Or slow and easy?” he asked Sam, knowing he was going to be pushing his luck if she went with the latter.

“Slow. And deep. God, it feels so good.” 

Sam’s breaths were labored as he continued to thrust into her, fighting to maintain a steady pace, but as more time passed, as his balls drew up to his body, Logan knew it was only a matter of time before he was going to lose it. 

Sam’s eyes diverted once more and that’s when Logan noticed Elijah moving into his peripheral vision. As he had been the last time Logan had seen him, Elijah was nicely dressed, his black slacks and jacket contrasted with the white shirt he wore. The man looked like he’d just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine as far as Logan was concerned – but, oddly enough, he also didn’t look like the type of guy who would walk in on them like this.

No, Elijah looked like the type of guy who would be at the helm of a situation such as this, commanding the interaction, pulling the strings per se.

Just because he looked like a man who wanted to be in control, didn’t necessarily mean that he was. Logan already knew what Elijah was looking for. 

Another part of the plan.

“Your wife is very beautiful,” Elijah said with only a brief hint of an accent.

Logan didn’t respond. At least not to Elijah’s statement.

“What do you want me to do, Sam?” Logan asked, focusing his full attention on his wife. This was exactly how Logan had intended tonight to go.

Logan knew Sam. He knew that she was mollifying him with her agreement to try out BDSM. Although Xander might’ve thought this would deter Sam from wanting a threesome, Logan had known better. And the way she was watching Elijah confirmed his suspicions. This was what she wanted. 

As far as he was concerned, the swing was indeed the type of bondage he could get on board with, so he wasn’t opposed to experimenting from time to time. But he had also come to the conclusion that the type of interaction he’d seen between Xander and Mercedes just wasn’t for him. He could bring himself to spank Sam on occasion – with his hand – but anything else was out of the question. It just didn’t do it for him. Granted, he might find a few other BDSM related activities they could try, but he wasn’t sure it was even necessary. 

Logan had the feeling Sam was still more interested in a threesome. He knew he definitely was. 

“Fuck me,” she said on a breathless moan, her eyes transfixed on their visitor. “Fuck me hard, Logan.”

“You like being watched?” Elijah asked, and Logan noticed Sam’s eyes flare with what was unquestionably heat. His wife did like an audience. More importantly, she liked the concept of a threesome.

“Yes,” she responded, the single word punctuated by Logan’s thrust.

“Then I’ll watch,” Elijah confirmed, his hands in his pockets as he stood casually by.

Logan could no longer wait. Elijah’s presence, his eyes on Sam’s gloriously naked body, while she was being fucked, was more than he could stand.

“Look at me, Sam,” Logan ordered.

Her eyes moved to his quickly, a radiant smile breaking out on her face. 

“Hard and fast.” It wasn’t a question, but he said the words anyway.

“Yes, please.”

“When you come, I want to hear my name on your lips,” he told her, his voice steady as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

It could’ve been a minute, it could’ve been ten, hell, Logan had no idea but when Sam screamed his name, her pussy gripping him like a velvet fist, Logan lost all control. He slammed into her once, twice, three more times before he came violently, his thighs trembling from the intensity.

Logan made quick work of cleaning himself up, tucking his spent cock back into his slacks and then tending to Sam gently. After helping her out of the swing, and assisting her back into her dress, Logan turned around to introduce Sam to…

No one. 

Elijah was gone.

Publication Date: May 1, 2014
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
ISBN: 978-1-939786-22-7
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright © Branislav Ostojic; frugo

Publication Date:  ​May 1, 2014
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
​ISBN: ​978-1-939786-21-0
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright ©  Branislav Ostojic; frugo

Publication Date:  ​January 28, 2015
Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Narrators:  Sabrina Brooks, Jay Crow,Dusty Richards
Cover Image Copyright ©  ​​Blackstone Audio
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