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Bailey woke up on Saturday morning with a smile on her face.

She wanted to attribute her newfound happiness to the new bed she was in or the apartment that belonged solely to her. She wasn’t so sure that was the only reason for the grin. She couldn’t stop thinking about Holt or the impromptu date they’d gone on last night. More specifically, she couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss.

Never had she kissed a man who had the ability to obliterate her brain cells. With one sweep of his tongue against hers, Holt Callahan had turned her brain to mush and sent her hormones into chaos.

It had been glorious. So much so that she’d relived it in her dreams.

As some of the sleep fog faded, she recalled the dream more clearly. Her breath caught, and the smile faded.

“Oh, my God.” She stared up at the ceiling. “What is wrong with me?”

In her dream, Holt had certainly kissed her, but he hadn’t been the only one. Rafe had been there, too. All three of them had been at the park waiting for the concert. She’d been holding their hands, waiting for the music to start, when Holt slid his fingers down her cheek, urging her to look up at him. She had, and he had kissed her.

Bailey drew in a deep breath as she remembered what happened next.

Rafe had been standing behind her, pressing his big, hard body against her back while Holt was against her front. She’d been sandwiched between them with Holt’s mouth on hers and Rafe’s lips caressing her neck. She recalled worrying that people would see them, but Rafe assured her everything was fine. She was right where she belonged. Between them.

“Holy shit.” Now her body felt tight and achy—in the best possible way. But how could that be? How could she possibly have a dream about two men?

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