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Book Crush Book Reviews Interviews ​Nicole Edwards, Ethan & Beau, and Mack

Kara: “Hi everyone, it feels so wonderful to be back here in Texas, thanks for inviting us to do this interview. I can see why y’all love coming here to Moonshiners, the mood and setting is perfect.” 

Handshakes start to be handed out. Caryn greets everyone with kisses to their cheeks as her form of ‘hello’.  Ethan then reaches to shake hands with Kara.  Kara seems to have other ideas as she fails while attempting to wrap her arms around Ethan in a hug.

Kara: “Sorry, I’m just a tad excited!  I may need a beverage to relax my nerves”  

*Ethan grins and glances over at Nic*

Nic: “What? I warned you.”

The group gets situated in a tall, circular table top towards the back.  Mack walks up to the group to ask what they’d like for drinks.

Ethan: “I’ll take a Heineken. And since I now know you’re a waitress on the side, I fully expect the royal treatment from here on out.” *smirks*

Mack: “Sure thing, E. Just keep waitin’ for that.”

Beau: “Heineken for me, and Nic wants a Belvedere and Sprite.”

While the others are ordering their drinks, Kara leans to whisper in Caryn’s ear: “I’m sweating in places that I don’t think I should be sweating.  Looking at Ethan and Beau with their Stetsons is nearly too much!  Thank god a good portion of their bodies are under the table because my eyes would most definitely not be focused!” 

Kara: While giving Mack a handshake, Kara states: Hi Mack, it’s nice to meet you.  Could I please get an Amaretto & Coke?  I’m hoping it will help cool me down a few notches.”

Nic: “Mack, you might bring her two. I’m not sure one will be enough.” *smiles at Kara knowingly*

Carryn: after giving Mack a kiss to the cheek, Caryn then orders her usual.  “Mack, I’d like a 7/7 please.”

Mack: “Now that’s more like it.”

Beau: “Awww, hell, Mack. If I’d known you like being kissed, I’d have done it long ago.”

Mack: “Yeah, you can keep your lips to yourself. I’ll be right back with those drinks.”

Upon everyone receiving their drinks, the interview gets underway.


BC: Nic–how has Ethan and Beau’s story touched you differently than your other novels?

Nic: From the beginning, I knew that Ethan was a tortured soul. And as time progressed and I realized just how difficult Ethan’s life had been, I realized just how deep my feelings for him were. Ethan is an emotional story that touches on a lot of sensitive subjects. He’s spent his life punishing himself for things that were out of his control; however, these are situations that happen in real life, unfortunately. They are horrific. I have incredibly strong feelings about bullying and I found myself pissed off for the sake of it when I was writing this book because I know that people endure this and much, much worse on a daily basis.

As far as Ethan and Beau go, I knew as soon as I finished writing Zane that Beau was the man for Ethan. They are complete opposites that complement one another in so many ways. As far as I’m concerned, there couldn’t have been a more perfect person for Ethan. And vice versa. 


BC: Ethan, you said Alluring Indulgence and Crave are “not your thing.”  Would you care to explain your thoughts behind this?  😉

Ethan: It’s pretty simple, I think. *glances over at Beau* I don’t share. Ever. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a pretty private person. I don’t want the spotlight on me. And I damn sure don’t want eyes ogling what belongs to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with the club or the resort. To each his own and all that. It’s just not for me. 


BC: Have your opinions changed now that you and Beau are happily married?  Have the two of you enjoyed any trips to AI and/or Crave?

Ethan: No, I stand true to my beliefs. This man is for my eyes only. We haven’t been back to AI since New Year’s and unless there is another family event, I don’t have any intentions of going back. 

BC: Thinking back to last New Year’s Eve night, Beau what was going through your mind as you watched Ethan and Blake?  And also when Ethan told Blake to “stop” followed by you telling Ethan that “this changed everything”?

Beau: Seeing Ethan with Blake made me sick. Knowing that I didn’t have the right to intervene at the time was worse. Sure, I’d have given anything to toss Blake around a bit, punish him for what I knew he’d done. But that wasn’t my place. And when Ethan walked away after telling Blake to stop, everything did change. *looks over at Ethan*  I knew in that moment that this man would be mine. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and it’s just a damn good thing I’m a patient man. 

BC: Ethan, what were you afraid of when you kept telling yourself “I don’t want him.  I don’t need him.”?

Ethan:*looks down at table for a moment* It’s been a rough road for me. Ever since I was nineteen years old. And I knew Beau. Even had an idea of what I could feel for him long before he started pursuing this. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy for me. 


BC: Ethan, I love you but I have to admit that I wanted to slap you for your stubbornness.  Thinking back, what are your thoughts on said stubbornness?

Ethan:*grins deviously* I’m still stubborn. I might’ve wised up a bit, but I’m still stubborn as hell. Don’t discount me there. 

*Ethan reaches for his beer and everyone notices the new ink on his left ring finger at the same time they notice Beau’s* 

Kara: Wait. Hold up a minute. Are those your wedding rings?

Caryn:*Grabs Ethan’s hand from across the table and studies tattoo on his finger* Nice. What made you decide on tattoos versus traditional rings?

Ethan: I liked the idea of something permanent. And since we’re mechanics, wearing traditional rings wasn’t really an option. Too much risk of the ring getting damaged or worse, losing a finger. So, these made sense.


BC: When did you start getting the feelings that you loved Beau? *ahem* Let me clarify, because I can recall the scene where you knew you loved him, but were there any times before that realization?

Ethan: Like I said before, I’ve known Beau a long time. I know the man he is, what he stands for. I’m damn lucky to have him. Anyone would be damn lucky to have him. *cocks an eyebrow* Lucky for me, I wised up a bit. 

Beau:*clears throat*

Ethan: Fuck. *laughs* Fine, I wised up a lot. Let’s just say the love wasn’t instant with him, but I knew a lot about the type of guy he is. It still took me time to open up, but he’s one of the few people – outside of my family – that I’ve ever trusted. It just took me a while to admit it to myself. 


BC: Beau, we’re pretty sure we fell in love with you when you talked about Ethan’s laugh and wanting to hear that sound every day.  Can you tell us more about what hearing Ethan laugh does to you and why it’s so meaningful to you?

Beau: If you knew Ethan, you knew he didn’t laugh. He still has a hard time with it. And yeah, it turns me inside out to hear him laugh. He’s doing more of it these days, but in the beginning, the sound was so rare, you couldn’t help but notice it. Not to mention, have you heard him laugh? It’s sexy as fuck.

BC: Ethan, how is therapy going? And has Beau attended any sessions with you?

Ethan:*glances down at his hands resting on the table* Therapy has been… hard. *Looks up at Kara and Caryn* It’s been hard, but worth it. I knew I had a lot of demons inside, I just didn’t realize how much I’d let them fuck me up. *Glances over at Beau and slides one hand down to his lap, taking Beau’s hand in his beneath the table, thinking no one noticed* Beau’s been going with me. Truth be told, I’m not sure I’d have made it this far without him. 

BC: Nic—what are your thoughts regarding the progress Ethan has made?

Nic: *Smiles at Ethan and Beau* I knew from the beginning that it was going to take a swift kick in the ass for Ethan to come to terms with what he needed. Not what he thought he needed. Look at them. They speak for themselves. I knew I was on to something. Ethan needs Beau and Beau needs Ethan. They complement each other in ways that strong relationships thrive on. 

BC: Is work in the shop keeping you guys busy?  How’s the business going?

Ethan: Works leveling off now. We aren’t working more than forty hours a week at this point. *Nods head toward Beau* He’s a slave driver. He refuses to let me work too hard. It’s helped. Let’s put it that way. There isn’t as much stress these days. And as for Walker Demo, it’s thriving. Jared knows his shit. He’s going to keep us going, I’m sure of it.

BC: Beau, what’s the meaning for you with all the firsts you shared/experienced with Ethan?  And have there been any other firsts that no one may know about?

Beau: Do you remember the first time you fell for someone? I mean really fell? Not just lust. Well, that’s a first that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Ethan gave me many of those firsts and I think I needed them. No, I wasn’t a virgin when I met him, but looking back on it, what I’ve experienced with him, what I feel for him. Those will never be duplicated. And yeah, *grins* there are a couple of other firsts that we’ve experienced together. 

BC: Alright guys, we’re all dying to know…how did Beau propose to you, Ethan?  We heard he beat you to it, so did he surprise you?

Ethan: Yeah, he beat me to it. I can’t give you the details because we don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. 

BC: Do either of you feel any differently now that you’re married?

*Ethan and Beau look at each other then back at Kara and Caryn* At the same time, they say “Yeah.”

BC: After your wedding, we understand y’all went to Hawaii for your honeymoon.  Did anything exciting go down while you guys were there? 

Beau: ‘Go down’? Is that an innuendo? Are you ladies getting dirty now? 


Ethan: Let’s just say there was some going down. How’s that for an answer?

BC: How do you both think your relationships with your parents has impacted your relationship with one another?

Beau:*Looks down at the table*

Ethan:*squeezes Beau’s hand hidden beneath the table* It’s not a secret that my parents are very supportive. Not just of me, but of all my brothers. I never doubted that they’d support me. They do. They treat us just like they treat the others. I think my mother is thrilled to have Beau a permanent part of the family. Not that he’s ever been anything else, but now, it’s actually official. And yes, it helps that they are there for us. Just knowing that we don’t have to hide from them makes it so much easier.

BC: Has having Mason in your lives sparked any talk about kids?

Beau: Yeah, we’ve talked about kids. Right now, we’re going to spend a few years getting in the groove. E’s gonna keep going to therapy and when he’s ready, we’ll talk. Until then, we’re going to spoil the shit out of Mason.

Ethan: We’re gonna make sure to spoil him enough that he drives his parents batshit crazy. 

BC: Nic, Is there any more you’d like to see/explore of Ethan and Beau’s journey?  

Nic: I could definitely see more from Ethan and Beau in a few years. I’d love to check in on them when they do decide to have kids. If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, then yes, you can probably assume you’ll get a little more of them in the future. But I wouldn’t hold my breath as to when. Remember, Ethan’s still got some brothers left who’ve been driving me crazy to tell their story.

Ethan:*Looks over at Nic* And don’t forget the cousins.

Nic: What he said. Can’t forget the cousins. *smiles*

Kara: Alright guys & Nic, we’re going to do a lightning round, where a question will be asked and ALL of you need to answer at the same time, stating the first thought that comes to your mind.  And of course in the necessary questions think of your significant other to help determine your answer.  Ready…..

1.  Do you enjoy fast or slow . . . 

Nic: Fast

Ethan: Fast (and dirty)

Beau: Slow

Kara: here let me finish… fast or slow routes to your destination?

Nic: Ummm… slow?

Ethan: *glances at Beau*

Beau: *glances at Ethan and smirks*

2.  What trait do you find most endearing in your significant other?

Nic: He’s incredibly thoughtful. 

Ethan: He’s… *pauses* He’s determined.

Beau: He’s… *glances at Ethan* fucking hot.

3.   Top or bottom . . .

Nic: *laughs* Standing up

Ethan: *laughs at Nic* I like that. I don’t have a preference, actually.

Beau: It works for me either way. 

Kara:  oooookay, thank you so very much for that fine visual, but again let me finish the question please: bunk.  Top or bottom bunk?

Nic: Depends on where Colt is. I sleep wherever he sleeps.

Ethan: Yeah, like I said, I don’t have a preference.

Beau: Bottom. Definitely bottom. 

4.  For Ethan & Beau: how many kids would y’all like to have?

 Ethan: When the time is right, I’d like to have one or two. But, I’m not particular. I’d consider myself damn lucky with one.

Beau: Growing up an only child, I’d prefer to have two. 

5.  For Nic: how many more pets would you like to have?  Or is there a certain pet you’ve really really wanted? 

Nic: No more pets for us. The German shepherds we have are more than enough. And I’ve wanted German shepherds all my life, so I can’t complain. They’re very spoiled animals and I don’t think we could handle any more. 

​6.  What gets you riled up the most?

Nic: *looks around the table* Are we talking about sex again?

Ethan: Aren’t you always talking about sex?

Nic: Touché.

Ethan: Well, then there’s your answer. While she ponders that one for a minute, I’ll say that I get the most riled up when Beau goes to his knees and *Beau clamps his hand over Ethan’s mouth*

Beau: They get the picture. *laughs and then blushes* I found that my back is an extremely erogenous zone, so I’ll keep it PG and say that. 

Kara: Thanks guys!  That was a rather visual, enlightening round.  You’re not going to hear any complaints from this girl!  


BC: Has anyone seen anymore of Jimmy Reardon and/or Ricky Dillinger?  

Beau: They’re still around. We didn’t expect them to go anywhere. But I will say they’ve buttoned up their mouths a little more than before. At least they’re thinking before they speak at this point. 


BC: Beau, how are you currently coping with your parents’ reaction?  Has your mom reached out to you?

Beau:*looks down at the table again and sighs. Looks back up.* I haven’t talked to my mother. Yet. 

It’s been hard, I won’t lie. I mean shit, they’re my parents. I never expected them to fully support me, but I wasn’t sure I was completely prepared for them to disown me quite so easily. I think I’ll talk to my mother soon. From what I’ve heard, she’s not having an easy time of it. Whether that means she’s still upset that I’m gay or if she’s upset that we don’t speak, I don’t know. 

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