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Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into Hudson and Teague from this year’s Naughty Holiday book! It’s available for #preorder now – only $0.99!

**Hudson & Teague are from SPEECHLESS (Pier 70,3)**
Monday, December 12th
“NO.” TEAGUE CARTER grinned, backing up. “No, no, no.” He turned to his dog, who was obediently sitting on the floor. “Sic him, Charger.”
Hudson grinned.
“How is it he’s my dog yet he listens more to you?”
Hudson was standing there, holding up one finger, signaling for Charger to sit, and the dog obeyed him. This was the dog Hudson had gotten for him as an emotional support dog. Charger should ignore Hudson, especially since Teague had been trying to teach him that trick for months now.
Like anyone could ignore Hudson. Hell, the man didn’t speak, yet he had a bigger presence than anyone Teague had ever known.
“Get away from me,” Teague grumbled on a laugh, skirting the couch and putting it between him and the big man stalking him. “I’m not going with you. No way.”
Teague’s gaze dropped to Hudson’s hands as the man began signing his response.
Sure you are. I will throw you over my shoulder and carry you out if I have to.
Teague wouldn’t put it past him. In fact, Hudson had done it before. About a month ago. When Teague had refused to go over to Cam and Gannon’s for an impromptu dinner one night. It was no secret that Teague didn’t care to get close to a lot of people. This thing between him and Hudson was an exception to his rule.
Still, he laughed, keeping his eyes on the big guy. An idea came to him.
Hudson’s eyes widened and he held up his hands. No. Don’t you dare.
Like he took orders from the man. Teague smirked, pulling his shirt up and over his head, then tossing it to the couch. He toed off his shoes and went for the button on his jeans. Hudson definitely couldn’t force him to go to the Christmas tree farm if he was naked, now could he?
Before he could get his jeans unbuttoned, the big guy was on him, knocking him to the couch, making him laugh even harder.
“Oh, fuck,” Teague moaned when Hudson came down over him. “I’m still not going. I don’t care what you do to me.” Sure, it was a bit of a dare. So what?
Although he’d thought stripping naked was a good idea, Teague should’ve known better with Hudson here. The man made him hard as iron with just a look. There were days he walked around with a perpetual boner, waiting for any crumb the guy would give him. Yes, Hudson liked to hold out on him as punishment. Of course, when Hudson finally caved and gave Teague what he needed, the timing didn’t matter. He craved the man. Day, night. Twenty-four seven, in fact.
Strong hands slid over Teague’s chest as Hudson moved closer, pushing his thigh between Teague’s legs. Hudson’s hands pressed against his abdomen, his thumbs gliding upward, between his ribs, over his chest.
“You play dirty,” Teague accused, already breathing hard.
Hudson’s emerald-green eyes glittered with heat and desire. Teague had seen that look a million times before. Ever since he’d succumbed to Hudson months ago, giving in to the inevitable lust that he inspired in him. He knew that Hudson would eventually get his way. That Teague would end up going with him to pick out a stupid soon-to-be-dead tree, but until then, he would definitely take what was being offered. However, Teague wasn’t about to make it easy for him. He lived for this shit right here.


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