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I have been reading for as long as I can remember. These days, I read endlessly. Every single day without fail. I know this because I read before bed. There are some days I read while I’m having lunch or even take an afternoon off if I’m engrossed in something. Otherwise, I turn on my Kindle every night and read until I fall asleep. You know that saying “Just one more chapter”? That’s my motto. 

And there really is no method to my madness as to what I read. Sometimes I’ll pick something that might help me with a book I’m writing. Similar genre or whatnot. But most of the time I just read whatever sounds good. I have my go-to authors who I stalk to see if they’ve got something new. I’ll preorder whenever possible and it’s like a surprise when I find it on my Kindle without realizing release day is upon me. 

One of the very first books I remember reading is Are you there god? It’s me, Margaret. by Judy Blume. I think it’s a good memory because I couldn’t seem to stop reading the book once I started. Of course, I also remember reading The Babysitters Club. I devoured those books and remember wishing there were more. I would check them out at the school library, eager for the next in the series.

Personally, I like series because the story continues. I like to read about the characters I’ve come to love in future books. I think that’s the reason I’m prone to writing series versus stand-alones. I enjoy the world-building aspect of it.

One of my favorite apps is Goodreads because I can track all the books I read. My Kindle is linked directly so when I start or finish a book, it updates it. As you can see, I’m working on my reading challenge for this year. Because I spend so much time writing, I am a much slower reader. An hour a night mostly, sometimes a little more. 

2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Nicole has read 52 books toward her goal of 75 books.

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What about you? Do you remember the first books you read? What age did you start? How much do you read these days? I’d love to know.

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