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My 2021 reads that stand out (to me)…

I was sitting down, trying to figure out what to blog about (in order to keep with my new goal) and I decided I would highlight a few of the books that I read in 2021. These aren’t new releases, and more than likely you’ve already read them because they are all bestsellers. If you haven’t, you definitely should check them out but the good news is, the first book in most of these trilogies is free! (as of the date of this post, of course)

When I was perusing the books I read this year (which I track on Goodreads – you can follow me there), these four books stood out to me. Keep in mind, these are the first books in respective trilogies, so to get the full stories, you’ll be reading more than just one. 

Fixed on You

Laurelin Paige

I was searching Amazon for my next book to read and I came across Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige. It’s never been a habit of mine to read trilogies because of the cost, but these books tell a compelling story in each one, so they’re worth the investment. Seeing that the first book in this trilogy was free, I figured I would at least check it out, decide if I wanted to buy the rest of the books. For the record, I did, and I’m pretty sure Paige can be credited for changing my mind about trilogies. 

Deal with the Devil

Meghan March

This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Meghan March and I promise it won’t be the last. Like the other books I’ve read by this phenomenal storyteller, I loved this one. It’s a fast-paced, uber sexy story with an equally sexy alpha male: Jericho Forge. I was riveted to the page to see how his story unfolded. 

The Initiation

Nikki Sloane

I first read Nikki Sloane when I read the Sordid Duet (a dark romance that I loved). I wasn’t searching for anything specific when I found The Initiation, my attention was simply snagged by the beautiful cover. Now, this is a trilogy, although there are five books in the Filthy Rich Americans series. The first book is free, which makes delving into this a no-brainer. 

I will add that I was a bit disappointed by this trilogy, but that’s because I held out hope for a different outcome based on the way the story played out. I honestly did not make a connection with Royce Hale (at all), who is technically one of the protagonists in this tale. Because I didn’t care about Royce, I was rooting for Macalister, perhaps because I am a bit twisted. The good news is, Sloane gives us Macalister’s story in The Redemption. I don’t want to give any spoilers in case you haven’t read it, so I’ll suggest you read the books and make your own decisions. 

American Queen

Sierra Simone

I was introduced to Sierra Simone when I read Priest (another book I highly recommend) so I knew that American Queen was a book I had to check out. Being that this is a ménage story (my absolute favorite kind), plus add in the creative twist on Camelot, it was safe to say I was trapped inside this erotic story.

With each book (American Queen, American Prince, American King), you see the life from each of their perspectives, plus you get to see the present and past. For those of you who like the angst, there is a lot of it, as well as politically-driven push and pull between the characters. There were a few times it felt a bit slow (not really moving forward) but the author’s phenomenal writing style kept me turning each page. 

Now it’s your turn. What book(s) did you read in 2021 that stand out to you? 

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