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About The Series:
So, I knew I wanted to write a hockey book. I’ve been a huge hockey fan all the way back to my teens.  To be more specific, I am a HUGE Dallas Stars fan and I’m lucky enough to live in Austin where the Texas Stars (AHL) are located. We have season tickets and love to go to as many games as we possibly can. 

In late 2015/early 2016, I started writing the first book. I originally did not intend for it to be a series. I was trying to come up with a creative way to tell two stories in one book, but that didn’t happen due to the complexity of the first story. Therefore, I believe there will be at least one more book. Of course, I never say never on follow ups because the characters can always surprise me. 

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Note: I have plans for more Austin Arrows books, but at the moment, I’m not working on one. I am, however, looking forward to Heath’s book. I get the feeling Rush’s brother is going to be an instigator.

Phoenix Pierce is putting the pieces back together after the death of his father. Between his multi-million dollar company, the NHL team he now owns, and the endless supply of women willing to share a bed for one night of uninhibited sex, he finds himself going through the motions. Until he meets Mia.

Colton Seguine, defenseman for the Austin Arrows, has gotten good at keeping the world from finding out that he’s gay. He knows exactly what he can and cannot do. And with whom. That is, until he sees Roan for the first time and all bets are off.

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