Misplaced Halos

Protected in Darkness ebook
Book 1

Heaven refers to them as Misplaced Halos.

Humans don’t even know they exist.

Like angels, vampires have been protecting humans from demons while keeping to the shadows, lurking in the darkness. In return, they’ve asked for nothing. Until now.

About The Series:

Paranormal romance, anyone? *raises hand* 

​In case you don’t know, I am a HUGE paranormal romance fan. Vampires and angels mixing it up with humans … yes, that was what sparked the idea for this series. 

Salvation in Darkness ebook
Book 2

What comes next…

MH, 4

At the moment, I am in a holding pattern on this series. I’ve started writing book 4 three times, and it always ends up with me coming up against a wall. I will keep trying because I want to get back to that world.

Bound in Darkness ebook
Book 3
What I'm working on
WIP: Rule
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