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Have you ever felt … incomplete? As though happily ever after is a fleeting, unattainable concept?

Not that I haven’t had memorable experiences because I have. Plenty of them. It’s more like what’s necessary to check off all the boxes for a successful HEA hasn’t been defined yet. At least not for me.

To say my desires—not to mention my expectations—are complicated would be putting it mildly. It’s bad enough I’m in love with my best friend despite the fact we can’t give each other what we both need: a Dominant.

Then the unexpected happens.
Secrets are revealed, danger unfolds, decisions are made. And it’s during the ensuing roller coaster ride that five peoples’ lives are forever changed. Including mine.

5 stars for Their Fairy Princess
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I seriously believe this is the hottest book Mrs. Edwards has written. Holy smokes. So much heat and chemistry coming off the pages. Still beautiful all the same.
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TFP is a nsfw, hot read with just the right amount of danger and drama to keep me glued to the pages.
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In this book, we are given mystery, instant attraction, total devotion, lifesaving lovers, a tortured soul that gets a reason to go on & one that has learned more about her sexuality outside of D/s.

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✔️ 2 Dominant/2 submissives and an ordinary girl

✔️ Suspense

✔️ Bisexual Polyamory

✔️ Fetish Club

✔️ Office Romance

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

WHEN IT CAME TO DICHOTOMY, I WASN’T much into the training aspect, but I had to admit, it had been an honor when Gregory Edge requested us for this session. More so when he requested our assistance with an experiment he was having his submissive undergo.

Initially, I’d had some ideas of how it could play out, then he’d outlined his intention in the hopes that my twin brother and I would help him out.

Who could say no to Gregory Edge?

Certainly not me.

So, here we were, role playing in what was, in my humble opinion, a rather lackluster theme room. Since I had a living room at my own house, this wasn’t my ideal of a good time. However, it was requested we use it, so we would be using it.

At least it was nice. Elegant, comfortable. Trent Ramsey’s decorators knew how to spruce up a space. Luckily for us, they spared no expense for comfort either.

Granted, my brother was the only comfortable one at the moment. Since I was in the pretend kitchen that didn’t even exist, Isaac was sitting in a leather chair, one ankle propped over the opposite knee giving great attention to what appeared to be a bondage equipment magazine. He was likely bored out of his mind.

“You’re up,” I cued Everly Hughes, the sweet little submissive we were assigned to tonight.

“Thank you, Master Ian.”

From the moment I saw her, I’d been … well, to be fair, I’d been slightly hesitant. Had I met her anywhere else, I would’ve thought someone was trying to punk me. She looked all of eighteen on a good day. So sweet and pure, it was a wonder her parents had ever let her out of her house when she had been a teenager.

Yet, I knew she was twenty-four years old, fresh faced and rather eager for this training class as it would give her grand entry into one of the most sought-after fetish clubs in the BDSM community.

I watched as she practically danced across the room, all light and sunshine while my brother pretended not to notice her.


No straight man could miss her. Certainly not in here.

She reminded me of a fictional fairy. All five feet of her. Between the delicate bone structure and the big blue eyes, she had captured my attention from the very beginning. Isaac’s too, although I was fairly certain my brother was still in denial.

The best part about this particular submissive-in-training: she wasn’t built like someone had glued a bunch of toothpicks together. No, Everly Hughes was curvy in all the right places.

As she pranced over to Isaac, her light brown hair swayed, tickling the small of her back, falling like fine silk almost to her pert little ass.

Isaac kept his attention on the magazine, following the make-shift script to a T. Our objective was to show Edge’s submissive what a rigid household might look like. Two Doms, one submissive playing out a structured evening at home.

As he was apt to do, Isaac left Everly waiting as she stood before him, patiently awaiting his instruction.

I was growing bored when he finally set the magazine down on the table beside him, dropped his foot to the floor and tapped one finger on his knee.

Everly didn’t miss a beat. She instantly danced toward him before easing herself into his lap, curling up in his arms.

That was the moment I saw it.

No one else in the world would’ve been able to detect the slight nuance, but I had. Isaac was my identical twin and we had a bond stronger than most.

And right there, the moment the fair princess curled up against him, my brother fell a little bit in love, even though I knew he would never admit it. Not even to himself.

While I stood around, pretending to be doing something in another part of the house, he started a conversation as his hands roamed easily over her, gliding up her thigh, never going too far.

“Did you finish the dishes?” Isaac asked, exactly as his character was supposed to.

“Yes, Sir,” she said sweetly.

“Where’s Ian?”

“He said he had a surprise for me. Told me to come into the living room and wait.”

Yep. Surprise in hand, I was just waiting for my cue.

“I take it to mean you’ve been a good girl?”

“Yes, Sir. Very good.”

And there it was.

Hefting her surprise in my arm, I carried it into the room.

The small sex machine, which we referred to as a saddle, was roughly thirteen inches long and twelve inches wide. It stood approximately eight inches tall. The best way to describe it was as a half of a barrel laid on its side with a padded leather cushion across the center of it.

“Do you think you’ve been good enough for this?” Isaac asked Everly.

She lifted her head, glanced at the machine I’d set on the floor. I carried the plug over to the wall, slid it into the electrical socket.

“Yes, Sir.”

Good or not, I was excited about watching her ride the damn thing.

Isaac lifted her off his lap, steadying her on her feet as I took my seat on the plastic-covered sofa.

“Present,” Isaac commanded.

I watched the show she put on for us, moving a few steps away, angling herself so that she was facing both of us before she slipped off the silk tank she wore, revealing her small, pert breasts with their dusky pink nipples. Her tiny skirt was the next to go, unveiling a hairless mound at the apex of those soft, smooth legs.

Neither of us had to say anything because Everly knew the drill, lowering herself to the floor, her movements fluid, elegant. She rolled herself out flat, legs wide, toes pointed, that pretty pink pussy on display, practically beckoning my tongue to tease it. Her chest arched upward, arms stretching over her head, hands resting elegantly on the floor.

Beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

I pretended to be relaxed and comfortable, admiring her sweet, lithe body. “Very nice, fairy princess. Now ass position.”

As though she’d practiced a million times, Everly curled up, rolled over and propped herself on hands and knees, her sweet little ass facing us at all times. As her chest lowered to the floor, she spread her knees wide, putting all her private parts on display.

She did have a very pretty pussy, one I was hoping we had the pleasure of teasing at some point in the future.

“What did you have in store for her?” Isaac asked, his question directed at me.

“Since she’s been a good girl, I thought I’d let her perform for us.”

While Everly remained perfectly positioned, I took the opportunity to tease her a bit. Ensuring I didn’t block anyone’s view from the window behind me, I walked over, bent down and slid my fingers along her slit.

I figured she deserved some praise for doing so well, so I fondled her clit, loving her soft moans of pleasure.

“Wait pose, fairy princess,” I instructed as I forced myself to stop before I took it to far, returning to my place, using a cloth to wipe my hands.

Everly repositioned onto her knees, toes pressed against the floor, butt resting on her ankles as she clasped her hands behind her back, her eyes on me as she waited for my next instruction.

“Did you enjoy that, fairy princess?” Isaac asked.

I glanced over at him, wondering if he realized his Irish was showing.

He didn’t look my way, so I turned my attention back to Everly, smirked. If she’d been surprised, she hid it well.

“Yes, Sir, I did. Very much. Thank you, Master Ian.”

“You’re very welcome, princess.” I held out the bottle of lubricant, nodding toward the machine. “Prepare the toy.”

“May I stand, Master Ian? Or shall I remain on my knees?”


I had to admit, I was rather impressed. She hadn’t missed a beat. I wondered if this was how she would handle being at home with us. Would she sit in the middle of our living room, awaiting her instruction? Or would she sit on the sofa, secretly hoping for some play time?

I could see it going either way, the more I thought about it. The strangest part was that I was now thinking about it, taking sweet Everly home with us, indulging whenever we wanted.

Everly took the bottle, drawing me out of my wayward thoughts, thanking me as I passed it to her.

She surprised me again, seductively stroking the fake dick, slicking it, preparing it for her pussy. When she handed me the bottle, I took the liberty of wiping her hands, my gaze dropping to her pretty nipples as they puckered sweetly.

Yeah. This one was going to be damn hard to resist.

“Mount the toy, little fairy,” Isaac commanded.

“Yes, Master Isaac.”

Still smiling sweetly, as though this was the only place she wanted to be, Everly positioned herself over the dildo before easing down on it. Her pleasure was obvious from the second that fake dick began sliding inside her. Her mouth opened, eyes hooded.

So fucking sweet.

Now it was my turn to have a little fun. I retrieved the remote from my pocket, relaxed into the sofa and pressed the buttons to bring the saddle to life.

“I expect to hear your pleasure,” Isaac told her. “And you are not allowed to come until I give you permission. If you do, you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master Isaac.”

We’d never played with Everly before. I hoped she knew how very serious Isaac was about that rule.

With my eyes on her, the remote in my hand, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, teasing her with the vibrating toy while Isaac and I alternated our commands, having her shift positions for both her pleasure and ours.

Figuring I might as well have a little fun, I turned the vibrations up.

“Masters….” Everly’s head tipped back, her hands cupping her breasts as Isaac had instructed. “I’m going to come. Oh, God. It’s too much.”

“Not enough,” Isaac growled.

I pushed another button. Everly cried out, a startled scream ripping from her throat as the sweet fairy princess came right there before us, her body taut as she came apart.

At this point, my brother wasn’t the only one who had fallen for the fairy princess. I’d fallen a little in love with her myself.

“What did I tell you?” Isaac questioned when her body had relaxed somewhat.

“You instructed me not to come, Master Isaac,” she whispered, remorse ringing every word.

Although I’d seen some submissives come without permission on purpose, I heard genuine remorse in Everly’s tone. She was disappointed in herself for failing him.

“And did you come?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Come here, little fairy,” he ordered.

Her legs were wobbly, but Everly managed to get to her feet, then straighten her spine, thrust her chest forward and gracefully pranced toward Isaac.

Isaac shifted seconds before Every draped herself over his thighs, her hands pressing against the floor as she held herself over his lap.

“Five,” Isaac warned seconds before he smacked her ass. Hard.

That sweet fairy princess moaned.

She fucking moaned and I think I fell a little more.

Isaac smacked her ass again and again. Everly whimpered, her ass red where his hand had lanced.

When he finished the punishment, he helped her to her feet.

“Now you may retire to your bedroom for the evening. Ian or I will inform you where you will be sleeping in a little while.”

She slowly turned toward my brother, a single tear sliding down her cheek. “Thank you, Master Isaac.” She turned to face me. “Thank you, Master Ian.”

​Yeah. It was safe to say we were both in deep, deep shit.

Publication Date: ​January 14, 2020
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
ISBN:  978-1-64418-016-7
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright © Irina Kharchenko 

Publication Date:  ​​January 14, 2020
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
​ISBN:  978-1-64418-017-4
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright © Irina Kharchenko 

Publication Date:  ​
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
​ISBN:  978-1-64418-018-1
Narrators:  Julie Walters, Gene Branson​
Cover Image Copyright ©  ​Irina Kharchenko