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August 14, 2018


Pier 70, 5





Contemporary Romance

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Jackie W.
Jackie W.
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This book has it all love, romance, characters with sizzling chemistry and yes this book is hot but it’s also a love story all in all a perfect way to end a great series.
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Such a great couple I loved their journey so much and loved catching up with all the guys!
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Hot sexy romance with a peek into the lives of all the Pier 70 peeps!

✔️ Sexy bad boy

✔️ Snarky good girl

✔️ Instant Attraction

✔️ Surprise Baby

She’s not ready for commitment…
Milly Holcomb has a history with bad boys. She knows what they’re after, and she knows they’re only good for one thing: a night of wicked orgasms. When she met AJ, she had been prepared for that.
He wants all of her…
AJ Ballard knew from the moment he laid eyes on the feisty blond that she would be worth the wait. However, he hadn’t anticipated their wild nights of passion would result in more than either of them was prepared for.
Sometimes it’s just meant to be.
Hearts flutter when this snarky good girl realizes this sexy bad boy is more than she bargained for.
Will Milly and AJ give in to the attraction they’ve been battling since day one? Or — because of the consequences of their actions — will they simply have to settle for being the best parents they can be?

May 29, 2016

AJ Ballard stepped into the banquet room, his eyes searching the masses to find someone he recognized. There weren’t many, but he hadn’t expected there to be. He was his brother Hudson’s plus one at this shindig, which meant he was the odd man out. 

It only took a minute to locate Hudson, who was standing by the wall, his eyes locked on someone across the way. With a grin, AJ headed for the bar and asked for two glasses of water. When the bartender passed them over, he offered his thanks, then marched over to the big, brooding man in the corner.

“Hey, bro. What’s up?”

Hudson’s eyes cut over to him briefly. 

They’d boarded the ship roughly an hour before and rather than race down to join the festivities, AJ had opted for a shower. He fully expected this trip to be full of activities because Hudson had already told him Gannon’s best friend/assistant was in charge and she wasn’t one to have everyone sitting around on their thumbs. Being that he was hoping to get a little downtime out of this cruise, AJ figured he’d take it where he could.

And now here he was, in a room filled with strangers, all of them there to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Cam Strickland and Gannon Burgess, who would be wed in just a few short days.

AJ held up the two glasses of water—he wasn’t much for drinking, and neither was his brother—allowing Hudson to take one.

“You good?” AJ cast a curious glance at his brother, wondering why the frown.

As usual, Hudson answered with a simple nod before sipping his drink. The man might’ve thought he could pull one over on AJ, but he knew better. His little brother—if thirty-five years old could be considered little—couldn’t hide shit from him. Especially not when it came to his interest in one particular blond Hudson worked with.

“So, where’s this boy toy of yours?” he asked just to get a rise out of Hudson.

It worked. His brother flipped him off. He hadn’t expected anything less. Considering