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New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards revisits Tag and McKenna, a power couple who have gone from infatuation to adoration in Adored.

Tag has waited two years for this. Sure, he knows he’ll need to be persuasive to get McKenna on board, but nevertheless, he’s up for the challenge. Even when the tables turn, and he’s the one in the spotlight, Tag knows that the payoff is absolutely worth it.

This book was originally released in the Sweet Seduction boxed set. 

5 stars for Adored
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This was the perfect short read. It packed so much in the story for a novella.
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Wow Tag Murphy surely knows how to surprise his girl! McKenna was thrilled and the passion these two have, well it really rocks the boat!

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“One week? Really?”

Tag smirked at McKenna. Sometimes his fiancée amused him to no end. 

Like now, when she was glaring back at him, pure disbelief backlighting her beautiful eyes.

“One week. That’s all,” he informed her.

McKenna sighed. “Fine. I’m sure I can get Whisper to cover the office without me for a week. I’m just gonna need advance notice so I can—”

“We leave first thing in the morning,” Tag told her sternly, fighting a grin. 

The look she cast his way would’ve likely incinerated a lesser man. But Tag had been with McKenna long enough—close to two years now—to expect those fiery looks, especially when he sprung something on her that would take her away from work for longer than a minute. 

​McKenna owned and operated Sensations, Inc.—her well-known online magazine geared toward swingers and the sexually taboo. It wasn’t unusual for her to work in excess of seventy hours a week. In fact, it was rare that she didn’t. McKenna had been highly successful before he’d met her, but since … well, she’d taken her company to an entirely different level thanks to the infamous club—Devotion—that they were members of.

They were what their friends called a power couple. Sometimes, due to the volume of hours they each worked during the week, Tag wasn’t so sure that was meant to be a compliment. However, they did what they loved, and when they weren’t working, they were spending their time together. He couldn’t ask for much more than that.

But at this point in time, McKenna was definitely married to her job. Which was why he’d known she wouldn’t be happy that he was taking her away for a week, but honestly, he hadn’t had any other choice.

And this … this trip they were taking… Well, the timing wasn’t the only surprise he had in store for her. Not that he was going to tell her that just yet. He was a smart man, after all.

“Really, Tag?” McKenna asked incredulously, her pitch rising with every word she spoke. “I just walked in the door. And now I’m supposed to pack? Where are we going?” 

“I’m not tellin’ you.”

As he expected, her hands flew to her hips, she pursed her lips, cocked her head, and stared him down. He didn’t budge. She would have to do a lot better than that to shake him up.

“So what am I supposed to pack? If I don’t know where we’re going, then—”

“All taken care of,” he said softly, interrupting what would’ve likely been a long, drawn-out argument. 

Sometimes he wondered how she wasn’t a lawyer, as much of an argument as she liked to make. Considering he was a lawyer, he knew quite a few evasive maneuvers, and maybe that was why they worked so well together. 


What should’ve been one syllable turned into several, and he couldn’t resist any longer. Tag grinned as he stalked her, effectively backing her against the bedroom door. Curling his finger beneath her chin, he tilted her head slightly, staring down into those exotic blue-green eyes that he’d found himself lost in a million times since the day he’d met her. 

“Do you trust me, McKenna?” he asked, his voice low, serious.

Her eyes widened, her mouth slowly closed, and she nodded her head.

“Good. Then leave everything up to me. The only thing I want you to do is relax. I’m gonna spend the next seven days takin’ care of you.” He punctuated his statement by tapping her lightly on the nose and smiling.

“But … seven days! Are you serious? Really?”

Tag gently laid his finger over her lips and shook his head. “No arguing with me this time. You’re not gonna win.”

“Can I at least take my laptop with me?” she mumbled against his finger.


Aw, hell. That mischievous gleam he’d grown accustomed to ignited in her eyes, and the hint of a smile curled her lips. He dropped his hand to his side, waiting for what came next.

“What if I try to persuade you?”

He smiled. He’d been expecting this.

Tag sucked in a breath when McKenna’s hand grazed his cock. The thin layer of his slacks did little to protect him from her probing fingers, and the pleasure was nearly too much. 

“And how do you intend to do that?” Hell. If she wanted to play this game, he was more than happy to oblige. 

“How ’bout I show you?” 

His mouth went dry the instant McKenna lowered herself to her knees in front of him. She didn’t hesitate before deftly unhooking his belt, releasing the button, and lowering the zipper of his slacks, freeing his cock. Nor did she waste any time before she sucked the head of his dick into the furnace of her mouth, drawing a hiss from him.

“Fuck.” With one hand planted firmly on the wall, the other sliding into the silky strands of her fiery red hair, Tag gave himself over to her. 

The woman had a wicked mouth. He’d learned that early on in their relationship, and for the past two years, he’d been blessed to experience it on a very regular basis. 

“Damn, darlin’,” he growled. “Makes me wanna fuck your mouth hard and fast.”

McKenna moaned, the vibrations shooting up his shaft and detonating in his balls, a flash fire exploding in his veins. 

“You want that? You want me to fuck your mouth?”

She nodded.

“Or would you prefer I tie you to the bed and spend the next half hour eating your sweet pussy while you scream my name?”

Another moan, more vibrations. 

Lord have mercy. Hallelujah.

As much as he wanted to let go, to lose himself right then and there, he had an agenda. One that he needed to follow to the letter if he intended to pull this off. Succumbing to her wicked torment was a surefire way of blowing it all—no pun intended—before he got what he wanted.

And yes, there was something Tag wanted from this woman. Something he’d wanted for so long now he forgot what it was like before the need had begun clawing at his insides.

“Baby. Fuck…” Tag knew he needed to pull out of her mouth, turn the tables on her, and take control, but he was having a hard time making his brain function. His ability to reason was quite literally being sucked right out of him.

McKenna opted to add to his torture by kneading his balls with her soft, cool fingers, and he knew what she was doing. Which was why he had to put a stop to it.

“Nuh-uh. Hands down. Behind your back,” he demanded, his voice rough from the pleasure coursing through him.

Her hands instantly fell to her lap, and then she tucked them behind her back, which didn’t diminish his desire at all. Seeing her so submissive, doing exactly as he instructed, made his dick throb against her lips. It didn’t matter that she was still wearing her work clothes—a silky turquoise blouse and a pair of sexy gray slacks that showcased her narrow hips and enticing ass. In fact, that was probably even sexier than if she’d been naked on her knees with his dick in her mouth.

Control. He had to take control.

Placing his other hand in her hair, he cradled her head and held her still while he pumped his hips forward in a slow, rhythmic pattern, driving his cock deeper.

“Don’t move,” he told her as he leisurely fucked her mouth. “Damn, that’s good, darlin’. Suck harder.” When the suction intensified, he picked up the pace, his eyes locked on her face, gauging just how much she could take. “I love your mouth. Love watching you on your knees, takin’ my dick. So fuckin’ hot, McKenna.”

Tag was quickly approaching the point of no return, but he couldn’t seem to stop. As he’d told her, she was so fucking hot, and even though he knew exactly what she was doing, tempting him until he lost every ounce of his control, he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Last chance,” he warned her. “You want me to come in your mouth?”

McKenna gave him a slight nod and hummed an affirmative, which was exactly what he needed. Gripping her hair tighter, he increased his pace, fucking past her lips while she kept her eyes locked with his. A few more thrusts… “Fuck. Damn. Take it, McKenna. Swallow for me, baby.”

His entire body stilled, his release barreling through him, his cock pulsing once, twice, and then he was coming in her mouth, watching as she swallowed every drop.

Sliding his dick from between her lips, he released her hair and helped her to her feet, still maintaining eye contact. When she was standing before him, a smile on her lips, he smiled back.

“You know what happens to bad girls, don’t you?”

McKenna trembled slightly, but her smile never faltered, and that mischievous gleam in her eyes intensified. 

“Of course you do. And for the next seven days,” he said, leaning down until his mouth was close to her ear, “I fully intend to pay you back for that little stunt.” He nipped her earlobe. “Do you think you can handle that?”

McKenna’s arms came up, sliding around his neck, and Tag returned to his full height, looking down on her, his hands moving to her sides, his thumbs purposely grazing the sides of her breasts.

“I know I can,” she stated with a full-fledged grin. “And I look forward to it.”

Tag laughed and swatted her on the ass. “Of course you do.”


McKenna watched as Tag strolled into their bedroom and proceeded to undress, the same as he normally did every single day when he got home from work. Granted, there had only been a few times when she’d jumped him before he had the chance to change, but in her defense, he was just too damn sexy. Sometimes she couldn’t help herself. 

He opened his closet door, then took a step back. First went the tie, then the expensive jacket, followed by the cuff links. And so on and so forth until he was standing in his underwear—a pair of sexy black boxer briefs that she’d bought him for Valentine’s Day this year—looking like a super model. Only her sexy man was covered in ink, which merely made him that much hotter. Amplified by the fact that most people had no idea he had any ink whatsoever. Due to his very public image and his high-powered job as a corporate lawyer, he had thought ahead, only inking spots that weren’t seen when he was wearing the fancy suits he preferred.

“So what time do we have to be at the airport?” she questioned, hoping to get some details out of him while she continued to ogle his delectable body. Apparently her wicked ways hadn’t worked for her this time, but she knew that’d been a gamble. One she would gladly try again and again. 

Men liked blow jobs; McKenna knew that. And Tag loved blow jobs, but he also knew that she loved giving them. To him, anyway. She didn’t even expect anything in return, but she knew that didn’t matter because before the night was over, or perhaps tomorrow, he would have made her come at least a dozen times. That was what he did. And she loved him for it.

In fact, she loved him for a million other reasons as well.

But she wasn’t all that fond of surprises. Especially not ones that would take her away from work without giving her the opportunity to tie up any loose ends. No, it wouldn’t really matter, because her office staff would definitely be able to carry her weight while she was gone—they’d done it a million times before—but McKenna simply wasn’t built that way.

And Tag knew that.

Which was why she figured he was doing this. Whatever this was.

Granted, his revelation was rather exciting. A surprise getaway. She had absolutely no idea where they were going, or even when they would leave. Heck, she didn’t even know what was packed in her suitcase, but the one thing she knew for certain—she could trust Tag to take care of her. He’d been doing it for the past two years, and he hadn’t failed her. Not one single time.

Figuring she wasn’t going to get much out of him now, she headed for her closet. Once she was changed into a pair of silk pajama pants and a thin tank top—after all, she wasn’t finished trying to persuade him just yet—McKenna headed to the kitchen to make dinner. They alternated cooking when they didn’t grab takeout, and tonight was her night. 

“What do you want to eat?” she hollered, pulling open the freezer and glancing inside. A frozen four-cheese pizza, a handful of TV dinners, some sort of bagged stirfry, a bottle of vodka, ice, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy was all that she found.

“Doesn’t matter,” he told her, joining her in the kitchen with his laptop in hand. The chair scraped along the wood floor as he pulled it out, his attention already on the screen in front of him. 

With her hand on the freezer door, she glanced over at him. “Frozen pizza?”

“Works for me.” He was now engrossed in whatever was on the laptop, which meant McKenna was on her own for a bit.

That was what they did. They worked. Day and night. Night and day.

Tag was a lawyer, which pretty much explained why he spent so much time on the phone or the computer. But he did like to have fun and often tried to persuade her to take time off and spend it with him. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, and when things weren’t chaotic at the office, she did take the time. That didn’t mean that they hadn’t fallen into the same rut as other couples who’d been together for a couple of years.

McKenna hit the buttons on the oven to preheat, then leaned against the counter and stared at the man she loved, crossing her arms over her chest. Sometimes she simply watched him, loving the various expressions he made when he was engrossed in a case, or even in simply reading an email. Tag gave one hundred and fifty percent to everything he did, and she respected the hell out of him for it.

He really was incredibly sexy. Perhaps more so now than when she’d first met him, and she remembered those initial days well. From the minute she’d laid eyes on the man, she’d been infatuated with him. And now … well, it was so much more than that.

Tag’s forehead creased as he read something on the screen, worry lining the corners of his mouth. He absently ran his hand over his bald head and released a heavy breath.

And it was right then that McKenna decided to give herself over to the next seven days with him. It didn’t really matter where he intended to take her; the time away would do them some good. Not to mention, she’d have him all to herself for a little while.

The oven dinged, signaling that the preheat was complete, and when Tag didn’t bother to look up, McKenna smiled to herself. 

Yep, she was looking forward to the next seven days. And in the meantime, she’d grab her own laptop so she could tie up a few loose ends before she disappeared with him for a week.

Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
ISBN: 978-1-939786-43-2
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright © Leung Cho Pan

Publication Date:  ​July 7, 2015
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
​ISBN:  ​978-1-939786-44-9
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright ©  Leung Cho Pan

Publication Date:  ​March 19, 2018
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited ​
Narrators:  Tor Thom, Charley Ongel
Cover Image Copyright ©  ​Leung Cho Pan