FIVE STARS FOR Without Restraint

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This ménage was different; I loved the chemistry between Micah and Hayden. It was so strong, but bring in Lindy, and my Kindle was smoking!
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I love a good menage but this was off the charts awesome.


November 8, 2016


Devil’s Playground, 2


Ménage Romance / Mafia / Suspense

Page Count

168 Pages





✔️ Mafia Romance

✔️ Las Vegas Casino

✔️ Bisexual Ménage

✔️ Short Story

Micah Fontenot can’t seem to find what he’s looking for. Not everything, anyway. He’s got a great job at Devil’s Playground, he’s even got a full-time lover in his bed, yet still, something is missing.

Hayden Wellington wants the best of both worlds. He understands Micah on levels even Micah doesn’t. Now that he has half of what he needs, he’s just biding his time until everything falls into place.  

Lindy Weatherford refuses to be the hum-drum friend who doesn’t have a story to tell. Unfortunately, that’s what she’s become. When her friends stand her up at the club, she finds herself smack in the middle of a story she’s not sure she can explain.

What happens when passions collide? Can the three of them walk away unscathed after they go after everything they want without restraint?

Tuesday night

“DON’T MOVE,” MICAH Fontenot groaned softly.

The body beneath his was warm, solid. Almost enough but not quite…

“Deeper, Micah,” Hayden growled roughly, his fingers linking with Micah’s as Micah held on to him, grounding him in the moment.

Micah wasn’t sure he could go much deeper. He was lodged to the hilt in Hayden’s phenomenal body, the same way he’d been for the past three fucking months. And though the sex was fucking fantastic, it was never enough.

Micah rolled his hips forward, pressing his lips against the back of Hayden’s neck, enjoying the sultry, spicy scent of the man.

“Yes,” Hayden hissed. “More.”

Micah rested his forehead on Hayden’s shoulder as he lifted his hips and pushed forward again, Hayden’s ass gripping his dick.

“Need more,” Micah mumbled, hating that he did.

What he and Hayden had … it was sensational. For the most part, it was completely physical, and the sex was off the charts. Day, night. Didn’t matter when or where, they could fuck like teenagers and Micah would never get enough of the man, but at the same time, he never got enough of… Of what, he had no fucking clue. He needed something more. Something more than Hayden could give him.

And Micah fucking hated himself for that. Hated that he was different, that he couldn’t be content with the good thing he had going.

Suddenly, the solid body beneath his was shifting. Micah’s dick dislodged from Hayden’s ass, and the next thing he knew, he was flat on his stomach with Hayden’s weight on top of him, pushing him into the mattress.

“Don’t move,” Hayden warned, nipping Micah’s ear, the weight of him straddling Micah’s thighs. “Gonna make this good for you.”

Micah took deep breaths, lying there in the darkened hotel room, waiting for whatever the fuck Hayden would do to him. It was always like this.
They started out hot and heavy, but halfway through, Micah’s brain kicked in, ruining the moment and screwing shit up for them both.

Hayden’s warmth disappeared momentarily, then returned in all its exquisite glory. Only this time, Micah could tell Hayden had sheathed himself with a condom and was beginning to prepare Micah’s ass with his fingers.

“Oh, yes,” Micah moaned, pushing his hips back against the intrusion.

Hayden teased for long seconds, but then his cock breached Micah’s ass, pushing in slowly, stretching him perfectly.

“This what you need?” Hayden whispered in the dark. “You need my dick in your ass?”

Micah nodded. He needed that and more, but Hayden already knew that.

“Or how about my dick in your ass while your dick’s lodged in a sweet, wet pussy? Is that what you want?”

Aww, fuck. The visual that created made Micah’s dick jump to attention. The thought of fucking a sweet, willing woman while Hayden fucked him… It was his fantasy. The only thing he could think about these days. He knew he was warped and twisted because he couldn’t find what he needed in only one person, but he couldn’t deny it. He was bisexual. He craved a man and a woman. Only he wanted them at the same fucking time.

“God, yes,” Hayden groaned, pumping his hips, filling Micah’s ass. “I want a woman between us,” he continued. “I want to watch while she rides your dick and I fuck your mouth, Micah.”

Micah’s dick twitched, blood rushing faster through his veins.

“And I want to fuck her at the same time you do. Both of us … lodged deep inside her… Can you imagine that, Micah?”

Fuck yes, he could. He could and he did. All the fucking time.

Hayden began fucking Micah deeper, making him moan as he imagined what it would be like for a woman to be right there with them. He’d slept with his fair share of both men and women in his lifetime, but never had he had the pleasure of two at once. Considering he lived in Sin City, it would’ve been so easy for him to do, but he’d held off, scared he’d get addicted to it, that he would never be satisfied one on one again. And maybe that was the problem. Maybe he’d thought about it too much already.

“That’s it, baby,” Hayden rumbled against his ear. “Think about your mouth on that sweet pussy while I drill your ass with my dick. You want that?”

“Yes…” Micah pressed his hips back, forcing Hayden deeper. “Oh, fuck, yes.”

“Or how about she eats your ass while I suck your dick? Both of us driving you wild with our mouths. That what you want?”

“Oh, God.” Micah’s body hummed. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

​But he got the feeling that had been Hayden’s plan all along.

Publication Date: November 7, 2016
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
ISBN:  978-1-939786-74-6
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright © essl

Publication Date:  ​November 7, 2016
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
​ISBN:  ​978-1-939786-73-9
Cover Design : Nicole Edwards Limited
Cover Image Copyright ©  essl

Publication Date:  March 9, 2018
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
Narrators:  Tor Thom, Charley Ongel
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