About The Series:
Back in 2011, I published a few books under a different name. Those books have since been taken down because they weren’t quite what I was going for when I first started writing with the intent to publish. They lacked the sexiness that you’ll find in my books. I had watered the stories down, taking out the heat index that I’m known for. However, I refused to stop writing. 

That’s when Club Destiny was born. I set forth to write Sam and Logan’s book and it took on a whole new twist to my writing. Now, I’ve always been a fan of erotic romance (dirty, sexy, hot) yet their story took on some heat that was new for me. But, I loved it, so I ran with it.

Conviction was the first book I published as Nicole Edwards in July 2012. I did not expect what happened at that point. I enrolled the book in KDP Select and put it out for free for one weekend. The book exploded from there. When it went back to the regular price, the sales continued. I will forever be grateful to Sam and Logan for bringing the readers my way. 

I honestly never expected the series to grow quite so big, or for it to weave its way into other series, but it did. I wrote the stories because the readers wanted them.

At this point, the series is complete, however, there is one character – Trent Ramsey – who captivated a lot of people. He has since branched off into another series – Office Intrigue. Trent’s BDSM club, Dichotomy, is at the center of the Office Intrigue books.