The members of the Off the Books Task Force are nearing their one-year anniversary, and while they’ve closed several cases, it hasn’t been easy. Despite the fact the governor disbanded the team, they are thriving under the umbrella of Sniper 1 Security. Now that they work in the private sector, there are new tasks that must be tackled, like bringing on new members. 

Even as they work to broaden their reach, there are still cases to be worked. When a partner in an investment firm goes missing, Governor Greenwood reaches out for their assistance and the team uses their combined skills to unravel the mystery that surrounds his disappearance. 

Not only do secrets emerge where the case is concerned, many more are brought to light within the team.

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Why I hate furniture shopping…

Oh how I detest furniture shopping. I mean, if it’s not enough that I have to take a shower and get dressed, then there’s the driving from one store to the next to find exactly what I’m looking for. And when you get to the store… Yes, there’s a story

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Nicole’s Favorite Quotes

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."— Mae West