We’re counting down until Travis (Alluring Indulgence, #3)


  1. Love it!!!! Can't wait to read Travis!

  2. I love it thanks for sharing can't wait to read it!

  3. Love the cover!

  4. I Love the green I can't wait I'm reading Devotion slowly but you can only go so slow and I'm at the point I don't want to put it down

  5. I can't wait for Travis and Gage!!!

  6. July 30th is my Birthday! What a gift that will be 😀

  7. So excited for Travis!

  8. Woo Hoo! Can't wait!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I'm so excited for this. I'm still playing catch up, but I love being lost is the world you created for us!

  10. For some reason I am not able to access Raffle copter. Is there another way to take part in your giveaways?

  11. Omg cannot wait

  12. OMG only 24 sleeps till Travis !!!!!

  13. So excited. Really looking forward to Travis.

  14. Great giveaway!! I can't wait for the release of "Travis".

  15. Great cover Nicole! Thanks for the giveaway and I can't wait for Travis!

  16. I'm absolutely impressed with your ability to turn out quality books as quickly as you do. I was thrilled with Devotion. Excitedly waiting for Travis. There isn't one of your Novels I haven't enjoyed.

  17. iam so excited i am going to pee my pants oh lord have mercey on me i just cannot wait need to read it now must read need to read or i wil shorly cry and cry and cry

    from iamo read

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