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Luke, Sierra, Cole: Will You Be Done Soon?


Cole glanced up from his desk to see Luke coming into his office. The man never bothered to knock. Not that he necessarily expected him to.

“Will you be done soon?”

Cole glanced back down at the papers on his desk, then back up to Luke. “An hour, maybe?”

Luke stepped to the side, as though he were making way for… Sierra stepped in, and Luke shut the door behind them both.

​“Hey,” Cole greeted his wife, leaning back in his chair after dropping his pen on the desk. “What’re you doing here?”

“I just stopped by to say hello. To make sure my boys didn’t need anything.”

Cole glanced up at Luke. Yeah, the other man had the exact same expression Cole did. 

They fucking loved when she stopped by to check on them. That was code for she was ready to get down and dirty right there in one of their offices. Cole was the lucky one today. ​
Pushing to his feet because he suddenly longed to touch her, he headed toward where she stood. Before he could get his hands on her though, she stepped around to the other side of his desk. The place he had just vacated.

“Don’t get ahead of yourselves just yet,” she informed them as she gracefully eased into his chair, steepling her hands together on his desk as she watched them closely. 

Cole glanced back at Luke. 

“Did you have something you wanted to talk about?” Luke asked, his voice gruff with anticipation.

Sierra’s monthly chats generally involved Luke and Cole both getting naked. 

In the last few months, she’d started this role playing thing. Acting as though she were the boss, and they were her subordinates. At first Cole had found it amusing. That was until she decided to make her own demands and as the boss, according to her, she got to instruct her employees on what they needed to do.

He didn’t have a problem with that.

Luke didn’t seem to either.

“It’s been brought to my attention that the two of you haven’t been giving one hundred percent to the job,” she told them seriously.

Cole fought the urge to laugh and managed somehow.

Luke failed.

“You. Over here,” Sierra ordered, her bright blue eyes focused on Luke. “Naked.”

Luke grinned, but did as he was told. As far as undressing was concerned, the man probably held the world record for speed. He had shed his shoes, his jeans and his shirt off before he made it around the desk.

“Like this?” Luke asked, his hand circling his cock as it continued to lengthen.

Sierra looked over, giving his cock a cursory glance before turning back to Cole. She was pretty damned good at pretending not to be as turned on as he knew she was. Shit, one look at Luke naked did it for Cole, he knew she got off on it too. The man was fucking hot.

“I think I’m going to have to write him up for insubordination,” Sierra told Cole. “Unless, of course, you can think of a way for him to work off his disobedience.”

Oh, Cole could think of plenty of ways. He met Luke’s gaze head on, noticing the heat that intensified in the hazel depths. “I can think of a few,” Cole told them. 

He glanced back at Sierra who nodded. “Why don’t you come sit on the edge of the desk so I can make sure he does what he’s supposed to do,” Sierra instructed.

Cole didn’t waste a second. As he moved around to where Luke stood and Sierra was sitting, he unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his cock as he went. He was already fully erect, but what the hell did they expect? He loved when Sierra took the liberty to add some creativity to their day to day.

Leaning against the edge of the desk, Cole widened his stance, making room for Luke between his legs. “On your knees,” Cole told Luke, who was glaring at him. 

But just as he expected, Luke went to his knees right in front of Cole, their eyes never separating.

“Suck me.”

Fucking shit. 

Cole sucked in a harsh breath when Luke wrapped his lips around his straining cock, sucking him into the blazing hot depths of his mouth without hesitation. The heat sent razor sharp pleasure shooting through Cole’s balls. 

Now that hadn’t been expected.

Luke usually liked to pretend he was resisting, playing the part that he’d grown so familiar with, but had willingly given up months and months ago. 

“Fuck,” Cole hissed as he slid his hand into Luke’s dark hair. “Damn that feels good.”

Cole couldn’t take his eyes off of Luke, riveted to where Luke’s beautiful mouth wrapped around him. In his peripheral vision, he noticed Sierra move. She pushed the chair away as she went to her knees beside Luke. She didn’t interrupt Luke’s phenomenal suction action though. Instead, she reached between Cole’s legs and cupped his balls.

He wasn’t going to last long, but he was sure the two of them knew it. That was always their plan when they ganged up on him like this. And no matter whether Sierra had acted as though he had the power, he knew better. These two owned him. Body, heart and soul. They could do to him as they wished, and he would love every second of it.

“Suck him deeper,” Sierra encouraged, her whispered words making Cole’s balls draw up tightly to his body. 

He gripped Luke’s hair tighter, holding him in place as he began rocking his hips, driving deep. “Fuck yes. I’m gonna come in your mouth. Is that what you want?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “Sonuvabitch,” Cole growled when Luke swallowed him deeper than he’d ever done before. “Shit. That’s it. Luke…” A growl escaped as his body tensed, his release tearing through him while Luke peered up at him from his knees. 

Oh, the man was good. Damn good. 

Luke knew it too. 

And Cole knew, without a doubt, Luke was going to get his payback in the very near future.

He couldn’t fucking wait.

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