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Primal Instincts Volume 4 is Live!

New Release!!

Here's a peek at Volume 4!


As soon as Duke returned to his desk after escorting Wayne into Creed’s office, I confronted him.

“Why is he here?” I demanded as though I had every right to do so.

Duke pulled out his chair and primly sat down, smoothing his shirt as he did. “He requested time on Mr. Granger’s calendar.”

I found it hard to believe anyone could be as unaffected as Duke, yet he showed no outward sign that he was plagued with silly emotions like the rest of us.

“To talk about what?”

“I’m not privy to that information.” There was no inflection in his tone. He was merely relaying facts while I was in the process of a nervous breakdown.

The door behind me opened, and I spun on my heel to see Garrison walking in. His gaze softened when he spotted me.

“What’s going on?” I asked before he could walk by without saying a word.

“I’ll let you know when I know.”

He dismissed me without so much as a smile, continuing down the hall to Creed’s office.

I huffed as I paced back and forth, my heart in my throat.

“Can I get you something to drink while you wait?” Duke offered.

I spun around, glaring at him. He was standing, and if I wasn’t seeing things, there could’ve been a glimmer of concern in his eyes. I couldn’t be sure, though, because a red haze clouded my vision.

I didn’t answer him, spinning around and pacing the small space. I considered strolling toward Creed’s office door, but I couldn’t be certain Duke wouldn’t tackle me if I tried to. Somehow I managed to harness a sliver of control. I spent the next ten minutes alternating between pacing the floor and sitting in one of the reception chairs. I was restless and anxious, and there was no outlet for any of it.

Finally, Creed’s office door opened. I shot to my feet in time to see Garrison slam the door behind him.

“What happened?” I asked, marching toward him, half expecting the little blond man in the expensive suit to jump on my back. He didn’t.

Garrison detoured into his office.

I was hot on his heels, pausing in the doorway when he began pacing the floor, his hands balled into fists. I silently stared, waiting for him to acknowledge me. When he did, he had his emotions under control once again.

“He’s using Creed to blackmail me, isn’t he? He wants that stupid project.”

Garrison didn’t respond. Not with words, anyway. He stopped directly in front of me, cupped my cheek, and leaned in. His lips pressed to mine, and for a few heartbeats, the chaos cleared, but it came crashing back all too quickly.

I pulled away, wanting answers.

“No,” Garrison said firmly, guiding me backward until I was pinned between his big body and the wall. “Let me kiss you.”

“But…” I needed to know what was going on in Creed’s office.

“Let me,” Garrison whispered, his lips hovering over mine. He wasn’t forcing me, but I couldn’t miss the aggressive encouragement as he pressed his weight against me.

I sighed. It was futile to argue when I was desperate for this man. Not only his dominating kiss but the distraction he provided.

He moaned softly when I went up on my toes to close the gap between our mouths. His tongue skated over my lips, and I opened, accepting his penetration. My body tingled, and a flurry of excitement kicked those butterflies into a rampage. Within seconds, my arms were around his neck, and I was trying to climb him like a tree.

I was aware of his hands on my hips, the way they pulled me toward him and pushed me away almost simultaneously. As though he wasn’t committing to what was happening. His indecision kept me from throwing caution to the wind.

I had no idea how long we remained like that, devouring one another, but someone clearing their throat in the hallway ended the make-out session abruptly.

Garrison turned away from me, walking toward his desk. I smoothed my hand over my hair and peered into the hall in time to see Nick going into Creed’s office.

“It’s bad, isn’t it?” I asked Garrison, feeling ultimately defeated.

“Creed’s takin’ care of it.”

I stepped toward Garrison’s desk, peering down at the framed photos sitting on top. “Then why were you pissed when you came out?”

“Because I want to strangle that little fucker.”

His words lacked some of the frustration I’d witnessed moments before.

“Are these your parents?”

Garrison glanced at the photo, his expression clearing. “Yeah. David and Elyza.” He gestured toward the other picture. “Those are my brothers. Michael, Leif, and Lance.”

I picked up the one of his brothers and scanned their features. I could see the resemblance. They had the same blue-gray eyes as Garrison, the same broad forehead, and chin. Even their smiles were similar.

I placed the frame back on the desk and took a seat. Neither of us spoke for the longest time. I wondered if Garrison had taken the mental trip to Creed’s office the way I had.

“I should be in there,” I finally said.

“Trust me; you don’t wanna be.”

“Why’s that?”

Before Garrison could answer, Creed’s office door opened. I shot to my feet and headed for the hallway. I stopped inside Garrison’s office when Wayne stormed past me. I was still staring after him when Duke appeared.

“Mr. Granger would like you to join him.”

I glanced back at Garrison to see he was watching me, but I couldn’t decipher his thoughts. When he didn’t make a move to join me, I headed toward Creed’s office on my own, wondering if this was what it felt like to line up before a firing squad.

Note: The Primal Instincts books are releasing in Kindle Unlimited and will be released on all e-book retailers in September 2023.

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  1. Read it yesterday. Loved, Loved, Loved it. Well, except for the last page. Can’t wait for #5

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